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Tuesday, May 21
The Indiana Daily Student


City of Bloomington launches employee tuition reimbursement pilot program


Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton announced last month that the City of Bloomington has launched a tuition reimbursement program for employees of the city. The program offers reimbursement of educational expenses up to $2,500 a year to full-time employees who have worked for the city for 12 or more months. 

According to the City of Bloomington, Bloomington City Council approved this pilot program as an addition to the other employee benefits announced earlier this year as part of the city’s 2023 budget.

According to the city’s educational assistance program policy, employees are considered eligible for reimbursement if they are currently pursuing a college degree or certification from a recognized professional organization. The reimbursed course must be required or recommended for the pursued certification or degree and may not involve sports, hobbies or games unless they are considered job-related.

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The program will only provide funding for tuition costs and does not cover further expenses such as textbooks and other supplies. To receive reimbursement from the program, employees must receive a passing grade or equivalent in the course. The program does not cover reimbursements for employees who have completed coursework prior to the launch of this program.

To receive reimbursement from the program, employees must fill out and submit the Education Assistance Reimbursement Request form which must be approved by the city. The employee must provide information such as the name of the course as well as its beginning and ending dates, documentation confirming the course is necessary or recommended for degree or certification requirements, evidence of a passing grade and the reimbursement amount.

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