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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: Podcast recommendations for something new to queue up


Anyone can make a podcast. This explains how the podcast world is made up of millions of different shows, covering most topics that anyone could think of. No matter what the interest, there is likely a show about it, making a nearly endless space for learning. Podcasts can be a good break from music, and they are certainly a simple way to delve into new concepts and —at the most basic level— be entertained in a different way.  

“The Mel Robbins Podcast” 

Mel Robbins approaches motivation in a straightforward yet nurturing way in her podcast. Mel’s show discusses various life obstacles and provides science-backed tactics to overcome them. The conversations are both intimate and relatable, and Mel is unlike any other motivational podcast host because her episodes truly feel like a heart-to-heart with a good friend. New shows are released every Monday and Thursday. 

“Rolling Stone Music Now” 

Hosted by Brain Hiatt, this show gives a look into the music industry through interviews and discussions with musicians and other Rolling Stone staff. Hiatt interviews artists like Sheryl Crow, Phoebe Bridgers and Keith Richards in a charismatic, relaxed setting for listeners to enjoy. The conversations with the artists are intimate, giving a uniquely personal glimpse into their work. It’s a good mix of exploring music from the past and delving into modern music of today. 

“The Daily” 

This podcast by The New York Times presents weekday news stories in digestible, short segments. It is a good way to look deeper into topics that are covered in the news briefly. Whether listeners are looking to expose themselves to more news gradually or working with a limited amount of time, “The Daily” is an informative show for all.  

"anything goes with emma chamberlain"  

Starting as a popular YouTuber in 2017, Emma Chamberlian has found success in her early twenties, including starting a coffee company and hosting her own podcast. In this podcast, Emma discusses anything and everything, as insinuated by the title of her show. Hearing a young, self-made entrepreneur speak candidly is a captivating set-up for a podcast, especially for other young listeners.  

“Sea Moss Girlies” 

For those interested in health and wellness, “Sea Moss Girlies” is the perfect match for the Gen-Z audience. Hosts Kate Glavan and Emma Roepke talk to listeners about relevant health topics circulating online, their own wellness rituals and other topics relevant to the young wellness audience. Their podcast interestingly started as a niche health meme page, and it has continued to grow into a community for young people interested in learning about things like supplements, gut health and industrial seed oils.  

“Daily Boost Motivation and Coaching” 

Scott Smith delivers feel-good advice in his 10-minute, semi-daily podcast episodes. Smith tackles topics like handling burnout, building connections and finding purpose within these bite-size shows. His show is perfect for any busy person wanting to improve aspects of their life. Listen to his podcast on your daily commute for a little boost in your morning routine. 

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