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Friday, Feb. 23
The Indiana Daily Student

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OPINION: This week's hot takes


Danny William: I see a lot of anti-tomato sentiment from my generation, but I think that’s misguided. If you don’t like the big slabs of red tomato that often show up on sandwiches – and I can’t blame you, I don’t like those either – try out some baby tomatoes you can eat in one bite. And grow some yourself! There’s nothing sweeter than picking a sunsugar or cherry tomato off the plant on a hot day and chowing down. 

Joey Sills: On that note, I hate tomatoes. It’s not that I have an aversion to vegetables generally, I don’t — but tomatoes of all sorts, regardless of their size, just do not work for me. I don’t hate the concept of tomatoes, necessarily; I like their usage in sauces, soups and, occasionally, as a condiment, but plain, raw tomatoes have a horrible taste and texture. I hope that one day I have a tomato that’s so good it changes my entire perspective, but, until then, I’ll continue spreading anti-tomato hate. 

Ellie Albin: I am an adult woman and I think plain, white milk is a really tasty treat. It’s good for you, it tastes amazing and it’s an Indianapolis 500 tradition for the winner to take a sip. Also! It’s really hard to milk a cow, as I learned during my experience at this year’s Indy 500 Fastest Rookie Luncheon. Dairy farmers are one strong group of workers. 

Natalie Fitzgibbons: Spend money on experiences rather than material things. Clothes, shoes and other material objects usually don’t last your whole life. However, memories of going to that festival and/or pictures and videos of that trip will. Clothes and material objects will always be around but being able to have fun and make memories with friends, family and strangers you meet on trips and adventures won’t.  

Jared Quigg: Shakespeare’s best play is “Othello,” hands down, no question, and Iago is his best character. Every time he enters, he is so delightfully evil, and he gets some of the best lines (“I am your own forever” he says after tricking Othello into believing his wife’s unfaithful, thus supplanting her in terms of Othello’s trust!). Shakespeare was a master and has many masterpieces, but “Othello” is the ONE — take the time to read it, /watch it and engage with it this summer.  

Isabella Vesperini: Too many people like chicken alfredo. Why did anyone ever think chicken goes well with fettuccine alfredo? It’s one of the ways American’s think they’re being Italian. Let me tell you, chicken alfredo is one of the least Italian things you could eat. The chicken is always so dry and does not pair well with the alfredo. The alfredo deserves to shine on its own and does not need dry pieces of chicken to ruin it. For once, try the classic plain fettucine alfredo and appreciate its simplicity and creaminess.  

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