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Sunday, May 19
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: This week’s hot takes


Special guest star, managing editor and real-life princess Ellie Albin: I strongly believe “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” — when it comes out — will remind the world of the musical prowess Taylor Swift honed at an early age. Not only is it her most underrated album, but it was basically a blueprint for “Red.”  I know she said she was “happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time” on 2012’s “Red” — which was achieved through the use of multiple genres and balancing both intensely emotional and bubbly lyrics — but in 2010? She used rock and pop and punk and country and twang and heartland and heartbreak and ballads and revenge and devastation and nostalgia and wonder and enchantment and wedding crashing and last kisses and dragons and bashing critics to create a coming-of-age masterpiece. Is there a more balanced album in her catalogue? Nope. It is easily a sonic and lyrical equal to “Red,” which is sometimes considered her best. 

Kate Hutner: Lululemon is not all that. The colors are always very dull, and it is crazy expensive. You can get the same sports bra from Marshalls or Target for a third of the price. Yeah, the leggings may be nice, but Athleta has equally good ones with better colors. Not only are the clothes overrated but there’s a whole other issue with the name and why the creator chose it. Lululemon’s attire is boring to me, and I hope people start wearing it less.  

Sanjana Jairam: “Emily in Paris” is a drag, but I still like watching it. I know! I know! You guys must be thinking it is so predictable. That’s why I like it! It is relaxing to watch. Also, at this point, I’m two seasons in — so I might as well watch the third one.  

Leila Faraday: Hard pretzels are one of the most underwhelming and overrated snack options. They have almost no flavor, are too salty and smell faintly of fish to me. I’ll stick to normal crackers! 

Elizabeth Valadez: Honesty is the best policy. I cannot stand when people lie, even if it’s the whitest lie, to save my feelings. Just be real.  

Jared Quigg: I really dislike gift-giving. Mainly because I’m bad at it but hear me out. Gifts are unnecessary obligations that can produce messiness within relationships. On my birthday, I would much prefer the company of friends and family rather than presents. Have cake with me, and on yours I’ll have cake with you. The same with Christmas, or anniversaries. Getting an anniversary present for your spouse won’t negate the other 364 days wherein you weren’t a good partner. Christmas and other similar holidays should be about community and togetherness, not consumerism. Leave the gifts out. Don’t get me anything and I won’t get you anything. Let’s just spend time together and share food.  

Ravana Gumm: I love painfully bad reality TV. It is so bad that it’s good. 

Audrey Vonderahe: This past weekend was Coachella, as we all know. As controversial as it is that Coachella has become a fashion show, I’d like to say that the outfits this year are lacking. It’s essentially a desert rave — why is no one dressed that way? Woodstock was great but it was decades ago. Let’s retire that aesthetic for the weekend. It’s not fashion week; let’s leave the understated luxury and denim at home. Justice for the fishnets and neon and the classic festival CamelBak straw backpack.  

Joey Sills: I recently watched “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” and neither the critic nor the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes quite gets it right, in my opinion. It’s solidly in the 60-65% range — it’s not a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s not a complete dud either. The point I’m getting at is that Rotten Tomatoes is almost never a totally accurate representation of how good a movie actually is, nor is it supposed to be. Instead of arguing over whether critics or audiences are better sources of opinions, just watch the movies yourself and come to your own conclusion. 

Danny William: I hate the smell of freshly cut grass. That’s all. I have no nuance for this.

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