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Thursday, May 30
The Indiana Daily Student


OPINION: Spring break hot takes


Sanjana Jairam: I will be using my spring break to spring back to life. More of being a goof and spending my afternoons daydreaming, going where the road takes me. If I were to go on a vacation it would be to find hidden places with historical significance, like the prohibition era jazz clubs or laundromats with pinball machines. 

Joey Sills: If you choose to day drink and party on a beach over spring break, then that is entirely your prerogative and I fully support your decision. But, as with all things, don’t be an idiot! Don’t drive under the influence or steal or assault people and, for God’s sake, don’t touch anyone without their consent. With that in mind, go nuts. 

Danny William: I personally don’t enjoy being at the beach. Maybe it’s because I’m white and ginger, but I always get sunburned and, to paraphrase Anakin Skywalker, sand sucks. Most beaches are usually overcrowded and expensive. I prefer soaking up the sun by the pool or more privately. 
Elizabeth Valadez: Don’t get me wrong, beaches are cool. But there is something infinitely better than the icky feeling of sand everywhere and the knowledge that only 5% of the ocean has been explored. It’s the pool. I will gladly choose to lay by the pool any day – even if it means silly little kids are screaming and splashing – to avoid the beach.  

Jared Quigg: Over the break, take a few days to relax. But just a few! Stay vigilant, comrades, and read some books! Read theory over break, please! Or, you know, a good novel. Preferably some depressing Russian literature or other similar masterpieces. Read Dostoyevsky. Read “Notes from Underground” on the beach somewhere. Soak in the sun while reading about the most depressed man in 19th century Russia.  

Leila Faraday: I can’t think of anywhere I would like to go less than Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Cabo and the like for spring break. If college is supposed to be the place you can get drunk and party whenever you want, then I’m not sure why that seems to be the main theme of spring break as well. I am a big advocate for doing things that make you happy, but for me, I would prefer to relax in the mountains or a quiet beach where I am simply in the company of my loved ones and the creatures of the sea. 

Carolyn Marshall: I think spring break should be more than a week. I love the time we get; however, I think it would be beneficial to add a second one. With the stress of midterms and with this time of the year being the longest stretch of school, I think students and faculty would benefit from more time off. That way I can also have a trip with friends while also being able to spend quality time with family.  

Ravana Gumm: Many people see spring break as an opportunity to go wild and travel after a grueling nine weeks of the spring semester. While I appreciate the sentiment, I will use the break to regroup and spend quality time with friends and family. Maybe a day trip or two, but I am saving the extravagant trips for summer! 

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