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Saturday, May 25
The Indiana Daily Student

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Bloomington activist arrested during ‘Cop City’ protests in Atlanta


A Bloomington activist is facing a preliminary charge of domestic terrorism after being arrested during a protest in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday. 

Bloomington resident Maggie Gates, 25, was arrested at a planned police training facility that has been dubbed “Cop City,” according to police records.  

Gates is involved with the local advocacy group Care Not Cages, which opposes the construction of a new Monroe County jail and advocates for improved living conditions in the jail.  

More than 20 other protestors were arrested during the protests this week and charged with domestic terrorism.  

Opposition to the facility has escalated into protests in recent months, during which construction vehicles were set on fire and police clashed with demonstrators, according to video footage

“Cop City” is a $90 million facility being built in the forest outside of Atlanta, according to a New York Times article. The facility will be used to train Atlanta police and firefighters but has been criticized by environmentalists and people concerned with the militarization of the police. In January, police said an activist was killed at the site by police after allegedly firing at officers who were attempting to remove protestors that were camping in the area.  

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