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Sunday, April 14
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COLUMN: 4 dorm-friendly mocktail recipes


    Craving something fresh? The recipes below can be made in a dorm room, or modest kitchen, using just a cup and stirring apparatus. If you are ready to take your mocktail concoction skills to the next level, here are a few easy recipes that you can make with a handful of simple ingredients. 


    Strawberry Shortcake Lemonade 


    • Strawberry cream flavored soda 

    • Lemonade  

    • Fresh or freeze-dried strawberries, crushed, if desired 

    • Ice 


    Directions: Fill a cup halfway with ice. Add lemonade to cover the ice. Pour cream soda to the top and garnish with fresh or freeze-dried strawberries. 


    Sour Cranberry 


    • Lemon-lime soda 

    • Cranberry juice  

    • Lime or lemon juice 


    Directions: Fill a cup halfway with ice. Pour cranberry juice until just below the ice. Add lemon lime soda to top and finish with a squeeze of lime/lemon juice. 

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    Sparkling Mojito 


    • Lemon-lime soda 

    • Lemonade (strawberry and/or raspberry flavor, if desired) 

    • Fresh mint or mint syrup 

    • Turbinado sugar (optional) 


    Directions: If desired, muddle fresh mint leaves with half a packet of turbinado sugar at the bottom of a cup. If not using these ingredients, simply pour a small amount of mint syrup into the cup. Fill the cup halfway with ice. Add a splash of lemonade and stir. Finish with soda to the top. 


    Apple Pie 


    • Apple juice 

    • Cream soda 

    • Vanilla creamer 

    • Cinnamon powder 

    • Cinnamon stick to garnish (optional) 


    Directions: Fill a cup halfway with ice. Add apple juice to cover ice. Pour cream soda until the glass is full. Add a splash of vanilla creamer. Finish with cinnamon powder and/or a cinnamon stick to garnish.  


    For any of these drinks, lemon/lime slices and fresh herbs can make lovely garnishes. Or even feel free to toss in toothpick umbrellas to channel your inner California in gray Bloomington. 

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