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Wednesday, Feb. 21
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A guide to Bloomington buses


Whether it is too cold to walk to class or you don’t feel like dealing with the complications of parking, Bloomington and IU have you covered with a variety of buses to take you everywhere you need to go.  

 IU Campus Bus Service

Through the Campus Bus Service, there are six different routes. The B, E, F, W and X routes run Monday through Friday. The CM is the only campus bus that runs on the weekend.  

The B Route picks up students from the central campus and North Eagleson Avenue. The E Route serves northeast, central and southeast neighborhoods, as well as the central part campus, and the  F Route takes students from the northwest neighborhood to the central part of campus.  

The W Route will take students from the stadium to Indiana Memorial Union and the IU Auditorium, while the X Route takes students from the stadium to Luddy Hall, the Psychology Building and the Kelley School of Business.  

The CM Route is a weekend service for the stadium, central campus, apartments and the mall. 

IU Campus Bus Service is open to all students, faculty, staff and visitors of the IU-Bloomington campus. No IDs, passes or fares are required to ride. 

To see full routes and schedules, visit the Campus Bus Service website or download the BusGenius app.  

 Bloomington Transit

If you live off campus or need to get to somewhere farther away in Bloomington, consider using the Bloomington Transit bus system. Service is available to campus from many apartment complexes and residence halls. 

Bus routes include 1 Fee Lane/BHS North, 1 South Walnut/Clear Creek Shopping Center, 2 West 11th Street/Showers Complex, 2 South Rogers/Countryview, 3 College Mall/East 3rd, 3 Highland Village/Curry Pike, 4 High Street/Sherwood Oaks, 4 Bloomfield Road/Heatherwood, 5 Sare Road, 6 Campus Shuttle, 6 Limited, 7 Henderson/Walnut Express, 8 Eastside Local, 9 IU Campus/College Mall/Covenanter & Clarizz and 9 Limited 3rd/Atwater/College Mall/Covenanter & Clarizz. 

The 6 and 9 bus services will both travel through campus, directly taking students from their homes to their classes.  

The 6 Campus Shuttle route goes through campus, taking students from areas like the Smallwood Plaza, the 10th and College Apartments, the Lofts, or the Arch, all the way to the Indiana Memorial Union or 10th Street on campus. The bus runs every 20 minutes on both the east and west sides of the route, Monday through Friday, during the day. On weeknights this bus runs every 60 minutes up to 12:30 a.m. It also runs every 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday.  

Very similar to the 6 Campus Shuttle, the 6 Limited will run a shorter version of the route. The western end of the 6 Limited is Smallwood Plaza and the eastern end of the 6 Limited is Fountain Park apartments on 10th Street. The 6 Limited, runs during weekdays, and generally runs between trips of the 6 Campus Shuttle. 

The 9 IU Campus/College Mall/Covenanter & Clarizz serves IU students living in the Arch, Covenanter Gardens, the Woods at Latimer, the Fields, Hunter Ridge, Park Doral, Tulip Tree and Eigenmann Hall to get to the Kelley School of Business, Jacobs School of Music, Memorial Hall and the Sample Gates, among others. This bus runs every 10-20 minutes, Monday through Thursday, and runs every 40 minutes on Saturday and Sundays. 

 The 9 Limited 3rd/Atwater/College Mall/Covenanter & Clarizz compliments routes 3 and 9 Monday through Friday when IU classes are in regular session. It connects to the Monroe and College Mall to the entire south side of campus along Third Street and Atwater. Check the schedule for bus departure times. 

To ride Bloomington Transit buses for free, students will need to show their CrimsonCard.  

To see full routes, schedules and all available bus routes, visit the Bloomington Transit website or download the DoubleMap app.

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