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Tuesday, June 25
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Play-by-play recap: Indiana football defeats Western Kentucky 33-30 in overtime


Once again, a slow first half for the Hoosier’s offense has led to a thrilling ending at Memorial Stadium. Trailing by two scores for much of the second half, Indiana made timely plays to get the win over visiting Western Kentucky University Sept. 17 in a 33-30 overtime victory.

Led by redshirt junior quarterback Connor Bazelak, who finished with 364 yards and two touchdown passes, the Hoosier offense slowly crept back into striking distance in the second half. With the help of a timely blocked field goal by senior defensive back Jaylin Williams in overtime, senior kicker Charles Campbell nailed a 51-yard field goal for Indiana to complete the comeback in overtime.


Indiana wins the coin toss and elects to defer until the second half. Western Kentucky receives the opening kickoff.

First Quarter

12:13: On third down, Indiana position Dasan McCullough gets a sack to stop the Western Kentucky offense on their first drive.

Indiana Ball

10:30: Indiana quarterback Connor Bazelak read option, late hit on the play results in multiple unsportsmanlike penalties on both sides. 

9:13: Indiana kicker Charles Campbell makes a 34-yard field goal to put the Hoosiers on the board first.

Indiana 3, Western Kentucky 0

Western Kentucky Ball

6:05: Western Kentucky quarterback Austin Reed’s 38-yard touchdown pass is called back due to illegal blocking in the back.

4:27: Reed’s pass falls incomplete on fourth down, turnover on downs.

Indiana Ball

2:54: Following the script early, Indiana also fails to convert on fourth down and turns the ball back over to Western Kentucky.

Western Kentucky Ball

2:20: Reed completes an 18-yard pass to get the Hilltopper offense going.

1:38: Reed hits tight end Joey Beljan for a touchdown to put Western Kentucky into the lead.

Indiana 3, Western Kentucky 7

Indiana Ball

1:20: Indiana receiver Donaven McCulley catches a Bazelak pass for a 48-yard gain.

0:13: Indiana punts the ball just before the end of the quarter.

Indiana 3, Western Kentucky 7

Second Quarter

Indiana Ball 

13:42: Indiana running back Josh Henderson finds a hole and picks up 13 yards on the ground.

11:44: Bazelak finds Indiana receiver Andison Coby for a 5-yard touchdown.

Indiana 10, Western Kentucky 7

11:18: Reed completes a pass to Western Kentucky Malachi Corley for 15 yards.

11:02: Reed finds Western Kentucky receiver Daewood Davis and fires a strike for a 44-yard touchdown.

Indiana 10, Western Kentucky 14

Indiana Ball

10:27: Bazelak finds Henderson out of the backfield who makes a great one handed grab for a 32-yard gain.

8:03: Following a string of positive plays, Bazelak makes a pass behind the line of scrimmage which is dropped by Indiana running back Shaun Shivers and recovered by the Western Kentucky defense.

Western Kentucky Ball

6:18: Western Kentucky is forced to punt.

Indiana Ball

4:59: Indiana is forced to punt.

Western Kentucky Ball

3:15: Reed finds Corley for a gain of 26 yards.

0:57: Western Kentucky converts on a 34-yard field goal attempt to extend their lead.

Indiana 10, Western Kentucky 17

Indiana Ball

0:41: Indiana receiver Cam Camper makes a grab for 26 yards for Indiana.

0:27: Bazelak finds Camper again for another 15 yards.

0:12: Indiana turns the ball over on downs to end the half.


Indiana 10, Western Kentucky 17

Third Quarter

Indiana Ball 

14:16: Shivers finds daylight and scampers for 34 yards.

12:20: Bazelak forced to throw the ball away on third down, forcing an Indiana field goal attempt.

12:20: Campbell hits a 32-yard field goal to cut into the Hoosier’s deficit.

Indiana 13, Western Kentucky 17

Western Kentucky Ball

9:45: Reed finds his man over the middle for a gain of 24-yards.

9:16: Reed hits Western Kentucky receiver Jaylen Hall for a 16-yard reception.

7:38: Reed takes it into the end zone himself from the goal line.

Indiana 13, Western Kentucky 24

Indiana Ball

7:30: The Indiana offense goes three-and-out and punts the ball back to Western Kentucky.

Western Kentucky Ball

5:32: Jakairi Moses runs for 29-yards.

2:49: The Indiana defense comes up big with an interception in the red zone.

Indiana Ball

2:40: Indiana receiver Emery Simmons catches a ball from Bazelak for a gain of 30-yards.

0:50: Bazelak completes a 12 yard pass to Camper.

0:02: Henderson runs for 10 yards to end the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

14:51: Henderson finds the end zone on a 19 yard run to cut into the deficit, Indiana goes for the two point conversion but comes up empty.

Indiana 19, Western Kentucky 24

Western Kentucky Ball

14:02: Indiana is called for defensive holding resulting in a first down.

13:15: Western Kentucky running back Kye Robichaux runs for 59 yards to set the Hilltoppers up in Hoosier territory.

12:13: Indiana’s defense stands up at the goal-line and holds the Western Kentucky offense to a field goal attempt.

11:45: The Western Kentucky field goal is good from 20 yards out.

Indiana 19, Western Kentucky 27

Indiana Ball

11:20: Bazelak is sacked on first down.

10:42: On third down, Bazelak finds Steinfeldt for a gain of 15 yards but Indiana is marked just short.

10:12: Bazelak sneaks it on fourth down to convert for the Hoosiers.

9:23: Indiana is forced to punt the ball.

Western Kentucky Ball

8:33: Cam Jones forces a fumble for the Hoosiers on a swing pass outside, the ball is recovered by Indiana at the Western Kentucky 16 yard line.

Indiana Ball

7:52: Offensive pass interference is called on Indiana on a touchdown pass, pushing them backward 15 yards.

7:14: Campbell’s field goal attempt is good from 32 yards out to inch the Hoosiers closer.

Indiana 22, Western Kentucky 27

Western Kentucky Ball

5:46: Robichaux finds space and rumbles for 36 yards to the Indiana 28 yard line, with a facemask penalty pushing it further to the 14.

3:49: Western Kentucky sinks a 24 yard field goal to extend the lead.

Indiana 22, Western Kentucky 30

Indiana Ball

2:34: Henderson picks up a first down for Indiana on third down.

2:22: Defensive holding is called against the Hilltoppers, pushing the Hoosiers 10-yards upfield to their own 46 yard line.

2:16: Defensive pass interference is called on Western Kentucky, giving Indiana a first down and another 15 yards to the Hilltopper 39.

2:10: Bazelak finds Camper for a 16 yard pick up.

1:36: Simmons makes a catch but fumbles, a defensive facemask penalty nullifies the fumble.

0:47: Bazelak hits Camper for a touchdown.

Indiana 28, Western Kentucky 30

0:47: McCulley gets open in the back of the end zone for the two point conversion.

Indiana 30, Western Kentucky 30

Western Kentucky Ball

0:37: Reed keeps it himself and runs for 19 yards to the Indiana 46.

0:24: Pass interference is called on Indiana, pushing Western Kentucky to the 31-yard line.

0:04: Reed spikes the ball to stop the clock and set up his kicker for a potentially game winning field goal.

0:04: The 44-yard game winning field goal attempt is no good, the game heads to overtime.


Indiana wins the coin toss and defers the possession.

Western Kentucky Ball

0:00: Reed gets sacked on second down.

0:00: On third and 14, Reed completes an 8-yard pass to make it fourth down.

0:00: The Western Kentucky field goal is blocked by Indiana defensive back Jaylin Williams.

Indiana Ball

0:00: Shivers is tackled for a loss of 4 yards on first down.

0:00: Bazelak is sacked on second down.

0:00: Shivers carries it to the 33-yard line on third down.

0:00: Campbell trots out to attempt the 51-yard game winner, the kick is good.


FINAL: Indiana 33, Western Kentucky 30

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