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COLUMN: Students share memories from the school year

While the semester is wrapping up at IU, I’m reminiscing on my four years here. Just like everyone else, I have had my ups and downs during my time here. Of course, I did badly on a few tests and the COVID-19 pandemic came along and canceled my study abroad plans, but I’d much rather dwell on the great times — all the musicals I’ve seen at the auditorium, the friends I’ve made, and of course, Little 500.

Since I want to look back on the good times, the IDS asked IU students and the IDS staff to share their favorite memories of this year as it comes to a close. Here are 15 of them:

“Having an in-person and very successful IUDM, and walking home from class and seeing the sun set over Kirkwood Avenue.” - Senior Becca Blanke

“I have a scholarship and they took us on a trip to Berlin and that tops anything else. I went with my scholarship group so it was just a bunch of friends and it was a really fun experience.” - Junior Tyler Hayik 

“Going to visit friends in Spain.” - Senior Rosalind Bowling, former IDS Staffer

“Returning to classes being in person and being able to reconnect with peers and professors.” - Senior Sarah Smith 

“All the trips I've taken with friends to see places like Iowa City, Connecticut and more.” - Senior L.C. Norton, IDS staffer 

“Getting involved in different journalism opportunities that there are in the Media School. I am DJ for WIUX radio, I am a columnist for the IDS, and I’m an editorial writer for Season Magazine. All of these have helped me build my skill set but also let me flourish in creative pursuits.” - Sophomore Erin Stafford, IDS staffer 

“IU versus Purdue basketball court storm.” -  Junior Andy Gutzwiller 

“Little five was probably my favorite. I think just seeing all the college students come out and have a good time and interact with each other was definitely a fun Hoosier moment.” - Junior Daniel Rodriguez

“Traveling to Connecticut to support the women’s basketball team in the NCAA tournament with the Big Red Basketball Band.” - Sophomore Cassie Golden, IDS staffer

“I went with a group of friends to the IU women's basketball second round NCAA Tournament game at Assembly Hall vs. Providence. It was a close game, the student section was popping the whole time, and we pulled off a victory. Seeing Mackenzie Holmes beeline for the stands once the buzzer hit will live in my brain rent free forever, as will all of the other great memories I made with friends watching this fantastic team this season.” - Senior Colin Kulpa, IDS staffer

“My best memory has been all the Middle Eastern cultural events because I participate a lot in the Arabic program and they have a lot of really cool legit cultural events that are really well done.” Freshman Taylor Issa 

“Being in the band for football games.” - Freshman Samantha Smith, IDS staffer

“I went to go see ‘Dirty Dancing’ in the GISB amphitheater during Welcome Week in the middle of the night, and it is now a core memory. The saxophone music of the DVD menu playing on repeat for twenty minutes will stick with me forever.” - Senior Abby Albin 

“At the beginning of the year I would lay out in Dunn Meadow when it was warm and I’d bring a blanket and I’d tell my friends to join me at random times.” - Senior Yetla Reyna. 

“I think the Yule Ball was a really cool event because a lot of underclassmen who didn’t get to experience Prom got to experience here and it was in the IMU which is such a cool building.” -  Freshman SJ Espiritu 

Some answers have been edited for length and clarity.

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