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OPINION: Take advantage of age 18 and over events at Kilroy’s Sports

Everyone should go to an age 18 and over event at least once in college.

Some might not know Kilroy’s Sports offers under 21 events in The Atrium, or the nightclub at the venue.

On March 24, Sports had One Direction Night, partnering with Hoosier Chicks and Barstool IU to create the event. They also had a Taylor Swift Night on Feb. 24. Another time the band Two Friends performed, so there are things for everyone. If you are interested in future events, follow Sports on Instagram for more information. 

Many people I have talked to said these kinds of events are nice because even though they cannot get drinks at the bar because they’re underage, they still get to experience the “bar life.” Plus, going to 18 and over events can prepare you for what it will be like when you are old enough to drink. 

Unfortunately, I never knew they did 18 and over and over events until I was already 21. Even though being 21 does not stop you from going, I feel like I missed out on Bloomington nightlife before I became of legal drinking age. 

I can’t go out with my younger friends as much because they  aren’t able to go to the bars yet. If  I had known about the 18 and over events earlier, I would have gone to so many of them. It was nice to be able to go out with those friends for once at One Direction Night so they could be included.

They did have a bar area open for those who were 21 or older which was fun because those of age could still get drinks. They controlled who could go in that area by checking IDs and giving wristbands to people over 21. They also did not let bargoers bring more than one drink out of the bar area to prevent underaged drinking which I thought was a safe rule.

I had the time of my life at One Direction Night. It’s safe to say I was the main character during the song “Olivia.” I went with friends who were all under 21 so it made me appreciate the event more. I also saved money by not drinking as much as I normally do.  

Similarly, I went to The Bluebird a few weeks ago for a concert. I had so much fun, but my friends who weren’t 21 couldn’t go. The Bluebird is also having their own Taylor Swift night at the end of April, but it won’t be for ages 18 and over. 

Eighteen and over events are a great idea, especially in a college town where there are many younger people who cannot legally go out to the bars yet. I think they are something every college town should have. 

Sports is the only place in Bloomington that has an under 21 nightclub, but do not let that stop you from seeing what different places the city has to offer. If you have the time, you should see if there are any 18 and over events coming up that would pique your interest. I had a blast, and everyone should go to one if they are able to.

Olivia Franklin (she/her) is a junior studying journalism with a minor in political science. She is a member of the swim club at IU and the Women in Media organization.

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