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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student


LETTER: An open letter to the Jacobs School of Music and Indiana University


It has come to our attention that IU jazz student Chris Parker, who has previously been suspended from Indiana University on sexual assault charges, has returned to IU and the Jacobs School of Music to pursue a degree and is active in the local Bloomington music scene.

Per the details published about Parker in the Indiana Daily Student, as current and former students of the Jacobs School of Music and IU, we express our utmost disappointment in Parker’s continued presence in Jacobs.

We are concerned for the safety of young musicians who deserve to pursue their education without being in the presence of a sexual assailant. We also encourage musicians in Bloomington and elsewhere to refuse Parker’s presence at shows, concerts and other musical functions, on stage or otherwise.

Those in power must be willing to risk their status and their privilege for the sake of victims of sexual assault. We believe survivors of sexual assault and stand in solidarity with them to demand the Jacobs School of Music and Indiana University be held accountable for this egregious offense.


Matthew Zion Babineaux

Will Barnard

Tyler Bauer

Nate Bercovitz

Lucille Berk

Hayden Blankenship

Kyle Brooks

Andrew Brown

Alex Dura

Elena Escudero

Connor Evans

Hannah Fidler

Zachary Finnegan

Eric Garcia

Lianna Gekker

Rachel Gehr

Tanner Guss

Bruno Rafael Gutierrez

Nick Jackson

Brennan Johns

Hannah Johnson

Alyson Kanne

Brendan Keller-Tuberg

Victoria Knudtson

Grace Leckey

Abby Malala

Evan Main

Hannah Marks

Rocky Martin

Matthew McConahay

Andrew Meyer

Joey Miller

Zoe Murphy

Elleka Okerstrom-Drew

Shailey Ostlund 

Michael Paik

Kyle Paul

Camila Mennitte Pereyra

Jake Pressman

Ellie Pruneau

Jacob Richter

Matthew Daniel Riggen

Jameson Scriver

Megan Searl

Stefanie Sharp

Kathryn Sherman

Mitchell Shiner

Garrett Spoelhof

Kat Sylvester

Joseph Trahan

Philip Wailes

Sarai Warner

Matthew Waterman

Kaitlyn Williams

Ben Woolgar

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