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Saturday, June 22
The Indiana Daily Student

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Ask Black Voices: What is being in a relationship like for a college student?


As we all know, being a college student comes with a jam-packed schedule and involvement in so many different things. From classes to extracurriculars, you may not have a lot of downtime to dedicate to other things. But, if you’re passionate about something, you’ll make time. 

Relationships are not easy. They take time and effort. Dedication and commitment. 

Bailee Poore, IU sophomore and a member of the Tau Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., has had a good experience with being in a relationship while in college. Poore understands the ins and outs of being committed to someone else and making time for her special someone. 

IDS: What is your definition of love? What does it look like?

Poore: I feel like people think love is just an emotion you feel when you like someone, or the butterflies you get when someone does things to make you exceptionally happy. Though all of these things are true, my definition of love is based on the foundation of which your love is set, and the things people don’t typically recognize. When I think of love, I think of going out of your way or stepping out of your comfort zone for someone. Doing the small things you know will make their day even the slightest bit better.

Love to me is the good and bad of a relationship. Like being able to bounce back after a crappy situation and knowing no matter what, the love you and your partner feel for each other is bigger than any problem you encounter. 

IDS: What’s your experience been like with being in love? 

Poore: Being in love is not easy. It is one of the best and worst life experiences you will ever have to go through. 

My experience has taught me that sometimes you will have to make sacrifices you do not think will benefit you, but will once again be a critical foundation for the love you and your person have. 

I would never give up on this love I feel for anything in the world. There is nothing like the feeling of a single person just feeling like home, and being the comfort you know will always show up and be there for you when you need it. I would not trade all the disagreements and misunderstandings for a million dollars. Those disagreements helped me to understand him and who he is as a person. It has made our relationship last for nearly three and a half years and is what makes me fall in love more and more every day. 

IDS: How do you manage love and a relationship while being in college?

Poore: Something me and my partner have prioritized is simple movie nights and cooking together at least once a week. We found cooking is a time where we can both do something we love, eat good and catch up about the typically long week we have had. 

When I was a freshman staying in Teter with no kitchen, it was a simple study date and getting Baked! cookies late at night. That would make up for all of the lost time we may have had during the week. 

IDS: How can college students find love?

Poore: Do you, and let love come to you. Especially for my ladies, do not go out and try to get these men’s attention, because nine times out of 10, it is the wrong type of attention. You are going to be much happier to find someone who saw something special in you, and thought you were worth pursuing. For my men, if you are looking for love, be vulnerable. Open yourself up, show your emotions and let people in. Your partner will admire that about you. If you are someone who just insists on going out and looking for love, look somewhere you have common interests.

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