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COLUMN: Artist Blood Orange collaborates with indie band Wet in new single

<p>Dev Hynes, also known as Blood Orange, performs at the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 24, 2017 in Los Angeles.</p>

Dev Hynes, also known as Blood Orange, performs at the Hollywood Bowl on Sept. 24, 2017 in Los Angeles.

The rising solo artist Blood Orange released the new single “Bound” on Oct. 20 in collaboration with the band Wet. “Bound” contrasts between upbeat rhythms and dreamlike, downhearted lyrics about trying not to care about someone.

Blood Orange is the stage name for Devonté Hynes, who has a distinct ethereal and chilling style. With his music, he brings the wrongs of this world to light and attempts to bring out their sadness with his beautiful music. 

Hynes is an English singer, songwriter, producer and director based in New York City. After going by the name Lightspeed Champion, he changed his solo career name to Blood Orange in 2009. Blood Orange’s sound can be described as R&B, electronica, and jazz.

This is not the first time Hynes has collaborated with another artist. Some of his other notable collaborations include “Deep Down” with Paul McCartney, “Same Old Story” with the Sugababes and “Borderline” with Tame Impala. 

His latest single, “Bound,” is a collaboration with Wet. Wet, an indie pop band that mixes country, R&B and soft rock, started in 2013. The band includes singer-songwriter Kelly Zutrau, guitarist Marty Sulkow and producer Joe Valle. “Bound” is a part of Wet’s album, “Letter Blue,” which came out Oct. 22.

“Bound” begins with slow, jazzy chords building on a contemplative mood. When the beat starts, the chords continue and Hynes can be heard whispering lyrics. Zutrau sings the verses while Hynes keeps whispering in the background. 

Hynes and Zutrau sing in unison during the chorus as the mood becomes more cheerful. At the same time, it remains sorrowful and eerie because of the slow melody. 

A lot of Hyne’s music has an uncanny quality. For another example, his song “E.V.P.” from “Freetown Sound” has an instrumental introduction reminiscent of a soundtrack on a horror movie. “Bound” is next to join those ranks. 

“Bound” is about someone screaming into the palm of one’s hand trying not to care. The passionate message contrasts with Hynes and Zutrau’s relaxed, aimless vocalization. With the tone of their voices, it seems as if they are acknowledging the general sorrow that can’t be avoided in life.

 When Hyne sings, he almost sounds like he’s sighing, which creates a sad but thoughtful atmosphere. His music represents the world as it is with all of its imperfections. 

Blood Orange creates a dreamlike space. The listener travels to a quiet place meant for reflection. Hynes' music encourages the listener to rethink the way they currently view the world. In our busy lives, peace and a chance to think are often missed and Hynes provides a space for us to do just that.

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