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Monday, May 27
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Black Voices

Black Voices: Summer Walker’s second album did not disappoint


Summer Walker released her sophomore album on Nov. 5 titled “Still Over It.” This album talks about the ups and downs she experienced during her romantic relationship with producer London on da Track.

Walker and London started dating in 2019 and gave birth to a baby girl in March of 2021. Just a few months after their baby’s birth, the two called it quits. They often took to social media to express their frustrations with each other and this always resulted in a media frenzy. According to Complex, in August, Walker made a post on her second Instagram account saying:

“If anything happens to me it was him.” 

London and Walker were business partners before becoming romantically involved. London produced Walker’s debut album “Over It.” London was also credited on Walker’s sophomore album as a producer despite the context of the album being primarily about the end of their relationship.

Walker starts off the new album with songs about love and the undeniable spark that she and London shared. The album quickly changes tone early on with several songs expressing her frustrations with her ex-boyfriend and their toxic relationship. She shared her breaking point in the relationship and what made her decide to walk away and choose herself instead.

In songs on Walker’s album like “Unloyal” and “Closure,” Walker expressed her peace with being single because she knew she deserved better were my favorite. She ended the album on a high note with fellow singer Ciara reciting a prayer. “Ciara’s Prayer” has been the buzz on social media since the album was released.

“Still Over It” is Walker's first No. 1 album, with the equivalent of 166,000 sales in the United States. Walker’s success following her second album has landed her articles in magazines like Rolling Stones and newspapers like the New York Times. 

It’s safe to say fans took a liking to Walker’s transparency about her heartbreak and healing process. Unfortunately, a breakup is something almost everyone has experienced, and Walker expressing her vulnerability is what made the album so relatable and ultimately popular. 

Walker’s fans have been flooding social media to discuss their excitement about her sophomore album since mid-October. Walker's fans made her a trending topic on social media several times prior to her even releasing the album. The Florida News Times says that “almost everything related to Summer’s album continues to trend.”

The Billboard 100 Charts showed that after the release of her second album,  Walker now shares Billboard Hot 100 history with 18 songs from her new album ranking on the charts. She shares this historical record with Taylor Swift who has also had 18 songs on the Billboard 100 charts. They are the only two women in music history to achieve this. This is an incredible accomplishment for the 25-year-old singer whose debut album was released just over two years ago. 

Walker has had an undeniable star quality about her since she began to build her fanbase on social media in 2013. Her style and her courage never goes unnoticed by the media and her adoring fans. Walker has certainly made it clear that with this album she’s “Still Over It,” but she’s here to stay.

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