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Wednesday, Oct. 4
The Indiana Daily Student

COLUMN: Best places to nap on campus


The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and classes are getting crazy right now. All of this has me feeling constantly sleepy, and you probably feel this way too.

This means that you need to master the art of an on-campus nap. Here is a short list of my favorite places to nap. 

The Indiana Memorial Union

First off, I always go to the South lounge room. It has leather chairs and a fireplace. It’s quiet, but there is good background noise coming from the Starbucks and people walking through the room. The leather chairs are some of the comfiest chairs I’ve found anywhere, and if it’s cold out you can snag a place by the fire for maximum comfort. Just be sure to set an alarm, because I’ve definitely slept through a class here before. 

Campus River

It might be getting too cold for this one now, but when the weather is nice, the ambiance of a nap in a hammock by the river is entirely unmatched. It’s quiet and you get the white noise of running water in the background, but you’re also pretty close to most classes from here or at least a bus stop. Then, you can have maximum chill time before a class. Even if you don’t have a hammock, you could bring some blankets to lay on. As it gets cold, I recommend bundling up with one so you can admire the fall colors while you’re relaxing.

Herman B Wells Library 

This one may be out of necessity. You’re at the library, really grinding on your work, but you’ve hit a wall. A 10-minute power nap will be just what you need. I prefer the chairs on the first floor that are low to the ground and don’t have a desk in front of them for these naps. Plus, you can snag one near a window and get a pretty view of campus as you’re falling asleep. 

Ballantine Hall

You’re bound to have at least one class in this building with an infamous staircase. I know I’m always in need of a nap before or after braving the steps to my class, and the student lounges that are on many levels are perfect for this. I’ve taken a nap in one of the low to the ground red chairs in the lounge on the first floor. It’s usually not full, and the high backs on the red chairs there give you perfect neck support to curl up and sleep.

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