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Wednesday, June 19
The Indiana Daily Student

IU BOT approve parking lot renovation across from Admissions Office

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The IU Board of Trustees approved for the parking lot across from the Office of Admissions on Seventh Street to be renovated into a plaza Friday.

Capital Planning and Facilities will renovate the parking area and add islands with new trees and landscaping, Thomas Morrison, IU vice president for Capital Planning and Facilities, said. This will decrease the amount of parking spaces, but it will still be an improvement since the lot has not been used much for the last few years, he said.

Morrison said the parking lot has been used as a space for construction materials and vehicles. He said he hopes Capital Planning and Facilities can transform it into a fully-functioning parking lot for students and families visiting the Admissions Office. 

Additional landscaping and a fountain will be added between the parking lot and Seventh Street. The designs for the fountain have not been finalized, but Morrison said he hopes it will be a place where students visiting the Office of Admissions can toss a coin in and make a wish about being accepted into the university.

The renovation will be beneficial because the location has views of Dunn Meadow, the Indiana Memorial Union and the IU Auditorium, Morrison said.

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