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Monday, Dec. 11
The Indiana Daily Student


LETTER: How can white America do better?


Derek Chauvin was found guilty of second-degree murder, manslaughter and third-degree murder of George Floyd last week. This news sparked a lot of satisfaction across the country. The verdict is a big win for Black America, which means it is a win for all of America. The verdict however, is not justice. It is accountability.

For some, the news of the verdict created a cloud of change and hopefulness for the future. But for the minorities in America, they recognized this as one small battle in the war on racism. 

How can we, as white Americans, do better? 

The truth is, we will never understand all the pain, fear and worry that minority communities in this country face. We have the privilege to learn about these things from the media, often in the comfort of our homes. If we want change, we have to commit ourselves to being anti-racist 100% of the time. 

What does anti-racism work look like?

  • Educating ourselves in areas that we may not be familiar with such as systemic racism, white privilege and white saviorism.

  • Making sure we leave space for Black, Brown and Asian voices, especially in the areas that have the most knowledge and experience.

  • Having the courage to hold yourself and others accountable for any racial bias, prejudice or discrimination they hold. 

  • Actively providing allyship to not just the minorities in your corner, but fighting for all minorities. 

  • Being knowledgeable about your white privilege and how to use it to encourage change. 

Racism is still alive in our society and we need to come together and commit to be anti-racist. I urge you to listen to the voices of minority leaders in our country and continue to hold the authorities accountable for their actions. 

Dominique Caldwell

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