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Sunday, Feb. 25
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Food delivery comparison app MealMe launches at IU, hires college students


MealMe, a food delivery and pickup app, recently launched at IU. The creators and their team are interested in hiring college students.

MealMe, founded by company president Matthew Bouchner, 23, and CEO Will Said, 21, compares delivery and pickup options for restaurants based on prices and wait-times. The app launched on the Apple app store in March 2020, Bouchner said. He said the team plans to release the app on the Google Play Store this year.

Bouchner said the MealMe team is launching at IU because MealMe is directed toward college students. The team is reaching out to student organizations on IU’s campus, specifically greek life and business clubs, to promote the app and to look for potential employees. 

The team also reached out to students at other universities, including the University of Connecticut and Emory University. Bouchner said he and his team plan to reach out to other universities in the future. 

Bouchner and his team are also reaching out to students for hiring purposes. There are multiple positions available at MealMe, Bouchner said. They are looking for software engineers, marketing interns, customer support roles and operations interns. There are 14 people on the MealMe team, according to the MealMe website.

Bouchner said he expects MealMe to become more popular at IU compared to other delivery apps because the app’s purpose is to find the cheapest and fastest delivery.

“If we do our job right, there should be no reason for anyone else to use any other food app,” he said.

MealMe allows for checkout within the app, Bouchner said. Users do not have to use any other apps for payment.

Bouchner, a former college student at Emory University, said he understands the struggle to find the best delivery deal by using multiple apps.

“That’s part of the reason why we made MealMe,” he said.

Naureen Kurji, the company’s marketing intern and a college student at the University of Connecticut, said the MealMe team wants to invest in college students not only to spread the word about MealMe, but to also offer the perspective and experience of working with a startup company. 

“It’s just a good way for them to learn from us and for us to get the word out about the app as well,” she said.

Kurji said part of her job is to talk to students directly and receive feedback. She said she has recently started reaching out to IU student organizations and has not yet received feedback from IU students, she said.

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