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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


COLUMN: ‘Emily in Paris’ Golden Globes nominations prove you shouldn’t care about awards season


The Golden Globes nominations dropped on Feb. 3, and they were pretty baffling. “Minari” was categorized as a foreign-language film despite it being an American production. Michaela Cole of “I May Destroy You” was snubbed. And “Emily in Paris” somehow grabbed two nominations.

“Emily in Paris” is an abomination. It genuinely might be one of the worst shows I’ve ever watched. 

Yes, I did watch the entire show. It was like a car crash — I couldn’t avert my eyes, no matter how much I wanted to. 

“Emily in Paris” is genuinely bad. I don’t understand how it was nominated for anything. To me, it’s in the same vein as “Riverdale” and “Gossip Girl.” Those shows have never been nominated for anything, nor should they. Shows like that don’t get awards. Shows like that help you shut down your brain. They’re glorified sleep-aids. 

How was “Emily in Paris” nominated for a Best Comedy Series? It’s not funny. I could see it being nominated in a really wordy category called “Best Show to Make Fun of Because the Jokes Practically Write Themselves.” 

The plot of the show is nonsensical, bordering on surreal. Emily is sent to Paris to bring an American point of view to a French marketing firm. Along the way she takes a photo of roses outside a café and gets 200,000 likes. It takes two episodes for her to gain a gigantic following. Half of her posts are just pictures of things without captions. Why is that getting so much engagement? People can just look at photos of the Louvre Museum on Google Images. 

Emily also manages to get entrapped in a wacky love triangle. Her hot, chef neighbor is actually her new friend’s boyfriend. Crazy, right? This was nominated for a Golden Globe. 

This show is offensive in its quality, but also in its content. It’s culturally imperialistic. Emily goes to Paris and tries to Westernize everything, acting like the French culture is backwards and incorrect. As if the American way is the only way to live. There are a litany of offensive stereotypes rattled off every episode. Numerous French critics said “there was plenty to feel insulted about.

Awards shows have never mattered, but this year’s Golden Globe nominations prove that. Nominations don’t automatically make something good. In fact, a lot of good shows never won anything. Award shows are about the glamor. They’re all for show. They’re not about art, or appreciating it. They shouldn’t influence your opinion because they’re not for you. They’re for all the people in Hollywood and that’s it. 

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