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COLUMN: Here are the IDS Staff’s top shows to binge watch

<p>A computer displaying Netflix sits on a table Dec. 10. </p>

A computer displaying Netflix sits on a table Dec. 10.

With finals week approaching, students and faculty will be busy with finishing projects, turning in assignments and taking final exams. One thing to look forward to is the break students will get after a strenuous fall semester.

With the modifications made to IU’s 2020-21 academic calendar, we have an extra week of winter break to relax and forget about our worries.

What’s the best way to do that, you ask? Well it’s simple. You should watch one of the nine shows the Indiana Daily Student staff picked as their favorites to binge watch. Or, you could choose to watch all of them, we promise not to judge.

“Desperate Housewives”

“I have watched so many television shows in the midst of all of this it's ridiculous — choosing one is like choosing a favorite child from a large brood. I devoured ‘Desperate Housewives’, a very 2000s regressive and ridiculous cheesy garbage show that has Kyle Maclachlan in it for six seasons, somehow, an ever-growing body count and a lead character that refuses to be likable (Susan Mayer is the most annoying character ever.)” - Annie Aguiar, creative director


“My favorite show to binge watch is ‘Fleabag’. I like it because Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a goddess and the characters are all so relatable.” - Carson TerBush, design editor

“Gravity Falls”

“My favorite show to binge watch is ‘Gravity Falls’, which is available on Hulu and Disney+ I think. It’s a genuinely funny show with a compelling mystery at its heart, but the individual episodes also have self-contained plots. It’s light and has fun content. Who among us can handle prestige content at this point? There’s plenty of mystery and adventure to suck you in and help you forget about the plague.” - Kaity Radde, enterprise reporter

“West Wing” 

“I’m watching the ‘West Wing’, which is leaving Netflix on Dec. 24, because the show is so well-written and also because it's so much less messy and problematic than 2020 politics.”- Abby Carmichael, design desk

“Gilmore Girls”

“I watch ‘Gilmore Girls’ a lot. I’ve been watching the later seasons because they are the college years, and, as a college journalist, I relate a lot to one of the main characters, Rory. Also, I adore Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham and their witty and snappy conversations in the show.” - Lauren McLaughlin, criminal justice reporter

“My favorite show to binge is definitely ‘Gilmore Girls’. I just kind of watch it on repeat whenever I'm bored. I've probably seen it all the way through about 20 times, and I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon.” - Zach Hsu, columnist

“Criminal Minds”

“I've been on ‘Criminal Minds’ TikTok recently so I've been revisiting it during my free time. It's really just been the TikTok effect.” - Lexi Haskell, engagement director

“The Vampire Diaries”

"‘The Vampire Diaries’ is my go-to show and one of my favorites. Filled with twists and turns, epic romances and heart wrenching plot lines, TVD is a perfect show to watch for those who enjoy love stories, action and getting your heart ripped out from under you." - Izzy Myszak, photo and special publications editor

“Schitt’s Creek"

"My favorite show as of late is ‘Schitt’s Creek’. It’s funny, witty, dynamic and all around a great show to watch with family.” - Swarna Gowtham, culture reporter

“The Crown”

“I think the show is well-written and the acting is phenomenal, especially with Claire Foy. Although it’s fiction, it was insightful and I learned a lot about the royal family.” - Rachel Lipofsky, columnist

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