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Thursday, May 30
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LETTER: Join the Citizens' Climate Lobby in the fight against climate change


The will to solve climate change is growing. In 2021, we'll face a historic opportunity to craft a bipartisan legislative solution at the national level. Students' participation in this process matters. Democracy really does work, and we can make a difference in what the United States chooses to do over the next few years. 

Citizens' Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization, invites you to participate in “Call Congress Day” on Dec. 3. 

You can help make history by asking members of Congress to support the Energy Innovation Act, a bipartisan bill to introduce a carbon fee and dividend, which will immediately begin to curb climate emissions. Studies show it could reduce carbon emissions by at least 40% in just 12 years. It would also add more than two million jobs to the American economy. 

To participate, use this link to the CCL website in order to call your representatives. 

Here’s how the site works. When you enter your voting address, the names and phone numbers of your representatives show up, along with a suggested script you can use when a staff member answers. It will take just a minute, and when you’re done, ask a friend to do the same. 

Ready to do more to solve climate change? Register for CCL’s free, virtual conference occurring Dec. 5 and Dec. 6. The conference features speakers on key issues, including what the 2020 election results mean for climate policy in 2021, and why a carbon fee and dividend is among our most effective solutions. 

There will also be several breakout training workshops, including one focused on student activism, one on reaching out to conservatives and one aimed at creating a welcoming space for BIPOC. 

You'll hear about success stories from climate advocates around the country. The program will equip us with the knowledge, tools and encouragement to go out and make our voices heard by our legislators. Following the conference, trained CCL lobby teams will meet with Congressional representatives from Dec. 7 to Dec. 10. 

The conference is free and open to all. For more information and to register follow this link on the CCL website.

Amanda Mejia

Assistant Professor in IUB Department of Statistics and CCL Bloomington Chapter Volunteer

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