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Thursday, June 20
The Indiana Daily Student

Black Voices

Black Voices: Selena's Voice


Selena Drake is a first year graduate student pursuing a masters degree in public affairs at the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Drake balances advocating for her community with starting a nonprofit organization, attending school and being a mother. She believes she can achieve anything she puts her mind to. 

“Upon coming to IU in 2016 from the Region, I didn’t realize how much of a disadvantage it is being a minority woman of color in the ‘real world’,” she said.

Selena Drake was an organizer for the Enough is Enough protest.

On campus, Drake is the graduate supervisor for Residential Program Services at Briscoe Quadrangle. She said she is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization Enough is Enough and is a state delegate for the Democratic Party in District 9. She also helped organize a peaceful rally June 5 in Dunn Meadow to protest police brutality and the murder of George Floyd. 

“My involvement on campus isn’t for my resume, it’s for my life," she said. "It’s to see more people like me in higher education and I will do whatever it takes to let my university know we are here to stay and rise up."

Being a graduate student at IU, Drake believes underclassmen should take advantage of every opportunity. 

“Fake it till you make it. You will feel as if you aren’t qualified for opportunities and advancements, but you are," she said. "Do not let society mark your box for you. Be involved. You can meet so many great friends that will become family as the years go on. Vote and run for office."

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