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Saturday, May 18
The Indiana Daily Student

Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house to close through summer 2021 for violating COVID-19 policies


The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity house is shut down through summer 2021, according to a Monroe County Health Department press release. 

In the release, Monroe County reported the house “intentionally instituted, permitted or maintained conditions which may transmit the spread of COVID-19.” 

The agreement to close the house came between Monroe County and IU. Closing the house will alleviate the need for Monroe County to provide its own enforcement action. The release said closing the house addresses the concerns of the Health Department and prevents future violations. 

The Health Department wrote the house violated Indiana Code 16-20-1-25 which states, "A person shall not institute, permit, or maintain any conditions that may transmit, generate, or promote disease. A health officer, upon hearing of the existence of such unlawful conditions within the officer's jurisdiction, shall order the abatement of those conditions.”

The County also reported some members of the house provided false information to law enforcement. An investigation of the incident — which occurred Sept. 16 — showed the fraternity’s actions put the community at risk for the spread of COVID-19. 

Both IU spokesperson Chuck Carney and Monroe County’s press release did not provide details on what specifically happened Sept. 16. 

The fraternity was given a cease and desist order Sept. 17, the day after the incident. 

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