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Tuesday, May 28
The Indiana Daily Student

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LETTER: An open letter to Professor Rasmusen

The IU Student Body President responds to Professor Rasmusen.


Dear Professor Rasmusen,

I apologize for bringing my legs to class. Despite my best efforts, they, along with my vagina, breasts and spleen, accompany me wherever I go.

Please allow me to explain why my female legs may be exposed in your vicinity — during the summer, it is hot.

Women, like me, may show our legs because we like our bodies. I like that my legs bring me places. They help me stand up to male professors who, in their positions of power, look down upon women for exerting their agency and yearn to see women and minorities removed from higher education. I love that my legs carry me to meetings where I can advocate for additional questions on the Online Course Questionnaire so students can anonymously report the discrimination they experience in the classroom. Or, just to go out on a limb, to encourage the hiring of diverse, female faculty.

Professor Rasmusen, this is 2020. Your sexism has no legs to stand on.

Rachel Aranyi

Rachel Aranyi is the 2020-21 IU Student Body President and a junior from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

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