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Saturday, June 22
The Indiana Daily Student

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FBI opens investigation into Vauhxx Booker’s attack


The FBI opened an investigation into the Fourth of July attack on Vauhxx Booker, according to an announcement by his attorney Katharine Liell on Tuesday afternoon at the Courthouse Square. The case will be investigated as a hate crime, Liell said.

“I can tell you as a criminal lawyer of over 30 years, I never thought I would say, ‘Boy am I glad the FBI are coming,’ but we are,” she said. “We want this investigated as a hate crime. It was clearly racially motivated.”

Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton was also present and expressed his support for Booker and for the investigation.

“My job is to help protect my residents,” Hamilton said. “I am sorry for what happened to Mr. Booker, and I am going to cooperate fully to make sure justice is done.”

Hamilton said he and Booker don’t always agree on everything, but they agree on the need for justice.

Booker was at the courthouse as well and talked about using the platform he has been given to better the community. He said the name Vauhxx is derived from the Latin word for voice, and he is trying to live up to the name.

Luke Christopher Norton contributed to this report.

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