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Thursday, May 23
The Indiana Daily Student


Circus performers entertain quarantined Bell Trace residents


Stilt walkers, acrobats and dinosaurs filled the streets of Bell Trace Senior Living Community. Members of the community sat on porches or peered out open windows to watch the circus go by, waving and cheering the circus on. 

A Bell Trace resident waves at a child who is part of the Stage Flight Circus Arts on May 2 2 at Bell Trace. The circus group went to visit the community to perform for its residents. Claire Livingston

On The Stage Flight Circus Arts began its parade at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, May 22 at through Bell Trace. The group walked along the streets and sidewalks, keeping their distance from the residents. 

The group’s about 30 performers ranged from children who wore costume masks and held signs to cheer up the residents to those who were older who did tricks with hula hoops, acrobatics, walked on stilts and juggled.

A person in a dinosaur costume walks down the street May 22 at Bell Trace. Two people in these costumes danced around and held signs for the members of Bell Trace. Claire Livingston

The parade found open areas near the residents’ homes and made a large space for people to perform. Two people flipped and did back bends in sync. The dinosaurs danced around. At the very end, the youngest members wore butterfly wings and ran through the open area, letting their wings blow behind them in the wind.

A car followed behind the group whenever it could, taped with signs and a woman holding a sign with the phrase, “Smile bright, you are loved.”

A woman follows behind the Stage Flight Circus Arts Parade on May 22 at Bell Trace. She drove behind the group holding a sign and balloon. Claire Livingston

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those who are older are recommended to not leave their houses and make little contact with anyone they are not living with.

A resident of the Bell Trace community watches the Stage Flight Circus Arts from her balcony May 22 at Bell Trace. The group had jugglers, women walking on stilts and children dressed up in different costumes. Claire Livingston

Family members of the residents could also visit as long as they kept their distance. Many stayed in their cars or sat on the back of pickup trucks, watching the group and trying to wave and say hello.

A resident of the Bell Trace community smiles and claps for the Stage Flight Circus Arts as they walk past May 22 at Bell Trace. The group walked through the neighborhood performing different tricks. Claire Livingston
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