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Friday, Feb. 23
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UPDATE: IU Auditorium events postponed, Cinema events canceled from March 13 to April 7


The IU Auditorium has decided to postpone or cancel all of its events scheduled from March 23 to April 5, according to IU spokesperson Chuck Carney. The IU Cinema will cancel all events from March 13 to April 7.

IU announced on Tuesday that in-person classes will be suspended from March 23 to April 5. Organizers were encouraged to cancel events with 100 people or more during that time.

The following are the original dates of the affected events. The dates for potential reschedulings are to be determined.

Postponed IU Auditorium events

March 26: “RAIN – A Tribute to The Beatles”

March 28: Laverne Cox

March 31-April 1: “Waitress”

April 3: Conversation with cast members from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”

All IU Cinema events scheduled through March 15 will continue as planned. No more than 100 tickets will be distributed for each event. Cinema events taking place from March 23 until April 7 will either be postponed or canceled. The cinema will be closed during the two weeks following spring break.

Canceled IU Cinema events

March 13: "La Gomera (The Whistlers)"

March 14: "The Only Son," "La Gomera (The Whistlers)"

March 15: "The Smallest Show on Earth (Big Time Operators)," "8 1/2"

March 24: “The Martian”

March 27: “Hugo Perez,” “Neither Memory Nor Magic,” “The Battle Front for the Liberation of Japan: Summer in Sanrizuka”

March 28: “Monos,” “Narita: The Peasants of the Second Fortress”

March 29: “Fellini-Satyricon,” “Chinatown Rising”

March 30: “Malintzin: la historia de un enigma (Malintzin, the Story of an Enigma)”

March 31: “Flamekeeper: The Michael Cleveland Story”

April 2: “IU 2020”

April 3: “Night of the Comet,” “Jubilee”

April 4: “Ailo: Une Odysée en Laponie (Ailo: A Reindeer’s Journey),” “There Was a Father”

April 5: “In a Lonely Place,” “Lingua Franca”

April 6: “Isabel Sandoval,” “Aparisyon (Apparition)”

Ticketholders will be contacted by email regarding future plans or refunds. Events taking place after April 7 are unaffected until further notice.

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