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Monday, Feb. 26
The Indiana Daily Student


Monroe County Green Party passes bylaws, elects state delegate, branch co-chair


The Monroe County Green Party elected Amanda Sheridan as the Green Party state delegate and elected Greg George co-chair to the local branch Wednesday night at a monthly Green Party meeting. 

Both positions were previously filled by Randy Paul before he stepped down due to medical reasons. He was elected the emeritus chair because of his role in founding the party in late 2019.

Paul said he helped found the party in September 2019 because he felt the Monroe County Democratic Party needed a challenge. 

“The Democrats have dominated local politics for so long, Paul said in an interview with the Indiana Daily Student. " I think there is a lack of ideas, a lack of courage to do the tough things we need to do, particularly on climate change.” 

The MCGP also exists to help give more choice to voters, so there is more than one party in the town, Paul said. 

“The Republicans that signed up pretty much have packed up and left town,” he said. 

With the passing of bylawsWednesday, the MCGP has fulfilled all requirements to be recognized as a political party in Monroe County. Now it must come up with a party platform. The party generally stands for values such as social justice and sustainability among others.

The party has already started giving policy suggestions. The MCGP released a statement on the proposed hike in income taxes for Monroe County, stating it supports environmental justice but would rather the city looks to better use the current budgets before they raise taxes. 

No dues are required to be a voting member. A person has voting privileges if they attend one meeting in 365 days.

The bylaws also establish term durations of two years for the executive committee. Elections will take place every year with half of the executive committee up for election. A motion was passed to make all executive meetings public. 

“We are excited to work as a part of any further planning committee or commission that will work out the details of this plan,” the MCGP press release stated.

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