OPINION: This week's hot takes


This week the Opinion desk shared ideas with one another for columns. Here are some of this week's best.

Zachary Swoboda: Nicki Minaj's retirement from music is a big step for the industry.

Ezra Engels: Rent-a-scooters are the Apple of transportation.

Emma Getz: Going to college would have been more fun in the early 19th century because instead of applying for grad schools and looking for jobs, you could just die of tuberculosis at 23.

Anne Anderson: Hating on widely popular things like music and movies doesn’t make you edgy or interesting; it makes you sound miserable and not fun. There’s a reason things are popular.

Jaclyn Ferguson: Every school in America, elementary through college, should be required to have multiple mental health days for students.

Ian Nowlin: IU seriously needs to revamp their Gen Ed classes. All of them are taught by uninspired TAs who are there to check off a box for their Ph. Ds. I think about dropping out of college when I have to go to my speech class.

Jonah Hyatt: Beto O'Rourke's new strategy of cursing is laughable. It is too forced, and it is obvious that he is seeking attention, considering his cursing in an interview was the only time he received positive press in weeks.

Kulsoom Tapal: It is not anti-Semitic to oppose the current Israeli administration and the human rights abuses they inflict.

Bryce Greene: Bernie Sanders' "Prisoner Bill of Rights" should be discussed a lot more than it is. We always talk about how running on prisoners' rights is a nonstarter for most voters, but here we have an excellent proposal that is completely excluded from mainstream discussion.

Evan Carnes: Mayonnaise is perhaps the most truly evil creation.

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