OPINION: This week's hot takes


A Juul sits on a table Sept. 15. "You’re an idiot if you thought vaping was ever safer than cigarettes because it’s still Big Tobacco running the show," said Anne Anderson. Ty Vinson

Bryce Greene: It's ridiculous that media refer to Russian elites as "oligarchs" and U.S. elites as simply "billionaires" while they play the same role in their respective societies. It says a lot about mainstream discussion that through the mere use of language, we legitimize a form of domination at home while condemning the same domination in enemy states. That's how you keep a population pacified.

James Bassett: IU cares more about my car parked in an empty lot than it cares about hundreds of scooters sprawled across busy sidewalks.

Tom Sweeney: We will always remember MoviePass as the best deal of the digital age. Not even the $5 Spotify student bundle can compete. R.I.P. to the greatest era of modern cinema.

Max Sandefer: The U.S. needs to apologize to the Dixie Chicks for the horrendous way they were treated for rightly opposing the war in Iraq.

Emma Getz: Mika is one of the most talented and underrated pop musicians of our time, and before the release of his fifth album in October, we should appreciate his impressive repertoire of bops instead of recognizing him solely for his 2007 hit "Grace Kelly."

Jaclyn Ferguson: There is no reason I should pay $1 for some Pringles but $6 for a bag of almonds. The food industry is classist.

Ian Nowlin: IU students are now overly reliant on laptops and electronic homework. Lower income students are at disadvantage if their laptop breaks, as they don’t come from means to pay for a replacement or repairs.

Anne Anderson: You’re an idiot if you thought vaping was ever safer than cigarettes because it’s still big tobacco running the show. They’re just adapting to new technology.

Carson Henley: Bagels are the best form of carbohydrates.

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