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Artists give free concert at Landlocked Music


Musician Will Johnson performs Sept. 10 at Landlocked Music. One of the songs he performed was titled, “Cornelius." Anna Brown

Will Johnson, Justin Vollmar and Amy O performed at the Landlocked Music Record Store from 6 to 8 p.m.

The performance wasn’t the Austin, Texas, native’s first, since he has an arsenal of six solo albums and remains occupied with everything from music production to writing to painting. 

The audience was welcomed to the show with soft guitar strums. LPs, CDs and band posters were littered throughout the shop. The location provided a quaint, warm atmosphere. 

Vollmar took the stage first with a sweet, folky entrance, sitting on the stage in front of a big blue and yellow Landlocked Music sign. The setting was similar to that of an intimate family gathering. 

Vollmar was soon accompanied by Amy O, who combined had slow and relaxing voices. The performance consisted of subtle, tame plucking on their guitar strings. The setlist included a song about finding a penny and picking it up, but Vollmar made the menial task interesting and imaginative. 

Loyal listeners stood up for the full duration to listen to a fresh, innocent sound about morality lessons and candidly escaping.

Throughout the concert, people walked through the music store to buy records and were greeted with live music. The duo matched each other's energy with shared smiles and harmonies and have been touring together for about five years.

Vollmar described his sound as ”kind of like a bedroom folk.”

Johnson was the next performance and showed he was not one to shy away from getting lost in his acoustic playing by closing his eyes and relentlessly tapping his feet to the beat.

His LPs and art were scattered about at the front of the stage.

Johnson joked about how his life currently is, saying, “I’ve been sitting in a car eating chicken nuggets for 3 days straight.”

After his set, Anna Brown, a junior at IU studying Media said, “I thought it was really good. Kind of a cozy acoustic vibe.” 

The session was unplugged with no speaker. Nearing the end of his performance Johnson thanked both Landlocked Music and the audience.

“Thanks for taking time out of your supper," Johnson said.

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