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Saturday, June 15
The Indiana Daily Student

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Double Feature: It’s Little 500, so we had to watch ‘Breaking Away'


Welcome back to Double Feature, the IDS film podcast where the powers that be let us in a podcast booth to give you hot takes and maybe some lukewarm ones, too.

A darty playing music too loudly, alumni coming back to town in hordes, townies preparing for likely inevitable mayhem. It is undeniably Little 500 season in Bloomington. Called “The World’s Greatest College Weekend,” Little 500 is an IU tradition so important to the local culture, it even has its own movie.

“Breaking Away,” released in 1979 and written by IU alumnus Steve Tesich, tells the story of a group of 19-year-old Bloomington residents and the divide between IU students and those living in the town, centered on the Little 500 race itself.

This week hosts Annie Aguiar and Chris Forrester watched “Breaking Away” for the first time, and thankfully they both loved it. In this episode, they discuss the movie and how weird it is to watch a movie filmed where you walk to class every day.

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