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Monday, June 17
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BFC addresses general education revisions, initiatives to manage school work


The Bloomington Faculty Council discussed general education requirements, student engagement and received updates on University Faculty Council Policy Review Committee discussion topics Tuesday at its final meeting of the academic year.

General education revisions

The BFC passed proposed amendments to a policy on general education requirements. Taking a Diversity in the United States class is now required for degree programs.

Information Literacy, which BFC changed from Information Fluency on Tuesday, is now recommended for all schools. Before, it was required for some programs. Intensive Writing and Enriched Educational Experiences courses are also now recommended for all schools, whereas they were previously required for some.

Student engagement initiatives

BFC member Ann Elsner said there is an application called Boost, piloted last year among faculty volunteers, that helps students manage school work. The app would remind students of approaching due dates and track whether they have submitted work. It would also give students encouraging messages to boost their confidence, Elsner said.

Boost is available for students whose professors have added it to their Canvas course.

UFC Policy Review Committee updates

Alex Tanford, UFC Policy Review Committee chairman and BFC executive committee member, said multiple motions to repeal repetitive policies will be voted on next week.

One policy which will be voted on for repeal dates to 1963. It concerns the right of students, faculty and staff to participate in political activities and is now covered by a more comprehensive policy passed in 2016.

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