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A look at some popular 'Game of Thrones' fan theories heading into season eight


Google “Game of Thrones” fan theories, and there will be millions of hits. From the depths of Reddit to podcasts like The Ringer’s “Binge Mode,” fans of the series have come up with a lot of theories over the years of how it will all end. Theories are often based on evidence from the books or the series. Here are just a few of the most prominent ones out there right now.


A longtime fan theory revolves around a prophecy Cersei received as a girl. In the books, Maggy the Frog, a fortune teller, told Cersei she would marry a king and have three children who would die. Then she would be cast down by a younger, more beautiful queen and killed by the “valonqar,” the high Valyrian word for little brother, wrapping his hands around her throat. The show featured the same prophecy but omitted the valonqar part.

So far the prophecy has proved accurate about her marriage, kids and seemingly a younger queen, and although the show left off the end of the prophecy, fans have theorized it will still come true. In the books, Cersei thinks Tyrion is the valonqar, but many believe Jaime is the little brother that will ultimately kill Cersei. Jaime came out after Cersei during their birth, making him technically her younger brother, and his killing her seems to many a poetic end to their arc.

Azor Ahai/The Prince Who Was Promised

The prophecy of The Prince Who Was Promised is pretty lengthy, but it mainly stems from the legend of Azor Ahai. Azor Ahai is a fabled hero in the continent of Essos — though the Northerners in Westeros have a similar legend — who saved the world from the Long Night with a hero’s sword forged by sacrificing his wife. It’s prophesied he will be born again as the Prince Who Was Promised to bring the dawn once more.

Some characters provided additional clues as to the identity of the Prince Who Was Promised. Many have said he will be reborn under a bloody star amid salt and smoke. Some believe he will be associated with dragons or even specifically born of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen’s family line.

Fans have argued over who is Azor Ahai reborn or whether there will even be a Prince Who Was Promised. We’ve even been told the prince could also be a princess — translation issues from High Valyrian — so the case could be made for a slew of characters, though probably most strongly for Daenerys or Jon.

Bran is the Night King

This theory is very convoluted and complicated, as any theories involving time travel are. Essentially, some fans believe that in the process of trying to stop the White Walkers through time travel, Bran accidentally becomes the Night King, the leader of the zombie-like creatures who can raise the dead.

There are slight variations on this theory, but a popular one posits that Bran goes further and further back in time to try to find moments to stop the White Walkers, and eventually ends up back at the moment the Night King was created. Bran wargs into the man set to become the Night King in hopes of preventing him from being transformed. It doesn’t work, he becomes trapped and then must live on as the Night King.

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