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Saturday, April 20
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INSTANT RECAP: IU wins 2019 Big Ten Championship



BREAKING: With Jessica Parratto's win in the platform dive, IU clinched the 2019 Big Ten Women's Swimming and Diving Championship. It's the team's first Big Ten title since 2011. 

IU is in a position few expected it to be in, leading, and leading by a solid margin, heading into the final night of the Big Ten Women's Swimming and Diving Championships. IU leads Michigan by 111 points, but these championships are going to come down to the wire with the 400 yard freestyle relay looming, an event Michigan is likely to win. 

IU will need to take advantage of four swimmers in the 200 breaststroke A final, and four more in the B final. IU also has the platform dive, Jessica Parratto's best event, as a chance to score points. IU put 17 swimmers into tonight's championship events, but with Michigan likely to close with a relay win, and IU not having a swimmer at all in the backstroke event, this will likely come down to the very end.

1650 Yard Freestyle Relay


1) Ally McHugh, Penn State, 15:47.18

2) Molly Kowal, Ohio State, 15:49.53

3) Cassy Jernberg, Indiana, 15:57.25

4) Yirong Bi, Michigan, 16:00.4

Ally McHugh of Penn State came into the event as the clear favorite, and didn't disappoint. McHugh's time isn't her fastest this season, but it was enough to win the Big Ten title. Molly Kowal of Ohio State hung with McHugh the whole time, not making it easy for McHugh. 

IU had three swimmers in the A final of the race, including two freshman. Junior Cassy Jernberg took third, while freshman Maggie Wallace was sixth and freshman Christin Rockway was eighth. By virtue of having three of the eight swimmers in the A final, IU's lead grew slightly, now leading 1024.5-900.5 over Michigan. 

Michigan took fourth and fifth respectively in the event. 

Michigan will get points back as IU doesn't have anyone competing in the 200 backstroke. This might be Michigan's biggest chance to make up ground. 

200 Yard Backstroke


1) Beata Nelson, Wisconsin, 1:48.47

2) Chantal Mack, Minnesota, 1:51.42

3) Vera Koprivova, Rutgers, 1:52.60

4) Tevyn Waddell, Minnesota, 1:53.68

With IU not having any swimmers in any of the final, the Hoosiers' lead shrunk. Though not by much, as Michigan underperformed its seeding. The lead is down to a 1024.5-955.5 edge over Michigan. Looze couldn't have gotten a much better outcome here. 

In other words, IU dodged a potential bullet with the 200 yard breaststroke still to come. IU will have a chance to get some B finals points in the 100 yard freestlye, and Morgan Scott will be looking to steal A final points. Michigan does have another chance to make up some ground, with the top three seeds in the 100 yard freestyle. 

100 Yard Freestyle


1) Siobhan Haughey, Michigan, 47.06 

2) Catherine DeLoof, Michigan, 47.52

3) Daria Pyshnenko, Michigan, 48.53

4) Morgan Scott, Indiana, 48.84

There's the inevitable Michigan response. Michigan sweeps the 100 yard freestyle, but that was largely expected. Morgan Scott coming in fourth was a good boost for IU, as she outperformed her seed. 

With Michigan taking the top three spots, the lead is down to 1087.5-1042.5 over Michigan. Though the 200 breaststroke and platform dive is still yet to come. It's going to be close coming down to the wire, with the 400 yard relay still to come. 

IU also got important performances in the B final. 

200 Yard Breaststroke


1) Lilly King, Indiana, 2:05.14

2) Miranda Tucker, Michigan, 2:07.64

3) Noelle Peplowski, Indiana, 2:07.75

4) Calypso Sheridan, Northwestern, 2:07.98

IU did exactly what it needed to do, blowing it's lead back up as it placed two of the top three swimmers. Lilly King won in her final competitive swim in Bloomington, nearly clinching the Big Ten title for Indiana, who's lead is back up to about 150 points with three events to go. 

Ray Looze gave a fist pump to the crowd. Indiana fans in the building are starting to feel it. 

200 Yard Butterfly


1) Kathrin Demler, Ohio State, 1:55.23

2) Vanessa Krause, Michigan, 1:55.28

3) Francesca Stoppa, Rutgers, 1:55.99

4) Victoria Kwan, Michigan, 1:57.17

Shelby Koontz of IU finished sixth in the A final. 

IU's lead dropped down to 88 points with two events to go. IU is inching closer and closer to clinching this. The final relay might not even matter depending on what happens in diving. 

IU is potentially just a few dives away from history. 

Platform Diving 



1) Indiana, 938.5

2) Michigan, 827.5

3) Ohio State 779

Lilly King's American record time is going to be the big headline from tonight, but she ins't the only positive takeaway for IU. 

IU has a lead of 111 points heading into the final night of the Big Ten Championships. IU did exactly what it had to do on night three, increase its lead. The Hoosiers nearly doubled the gap in first place. 

IU has far from wrapped up the team title, especially with a 400 yard freestyle relay events still to come that Michigan will likely win. 

The Hoosiers have a cushion in first place, but the team title still could very well come down to the last event.  

The Hoosiers did not have a top time coming in for a single event on Wednesday night. It looked like a night where Michigan would jump out to a big lead. 

That never happened. IU far exceeded expectations, and come into the third night with a lead of just over 60 points in the overall standings. Whereas the second night featured events where IU struggles, the third night features events where IU excels, highlighted by the team's best event, the 100 yard breaststroke. 

IU looked to steal points on night two. They did more than just steal points. On night three, IU will be looking to rack up points, and build a bigger lead into the final night. Updates to come below.  

100 Yard Butterfly


1) Maggie MacNeil, Michigan, 49.55 

2) Christie Jensen, Indiana, 51.44

3) Tevyn Waddell, Minnesota, 52.00

4) Shelby Koontz, Indiana, 52.08

As expected, MacNeil wins the Big Ten title in the 100 butterfly. Jensen placed second, again, as expected. Shelby Koontz put together a great swim to take fourth place from all the way out in lane eight. 

MacNeil won with a Big Ten Championships record time, and what is, for now, the fastest time in the nation. 

Because Michigan had so many swimmers in the B final, the lead closed slightly, but IU still leads 551-511.5 in the overall standings. IU had two swimmers in the A final, but was still going to lose points due to Michigan's depth in the event. Frankly, nothing surprising about the overall results. Koontz outperformed her seed, but otherwise nothing was too surprising in the final results. 

IU has that same type of depth in the 400 IM, and could gain the ground it lost right back. 

400 Yard Individual Medley


1) Bailey Andison, Indiana, 4:02.37

2) Calypso Sheridan, Northwestern, 4:05.93

3) Kristen Romano, Ohio State, 4:07.01

4) Mackenzie Looze, Indiana, 4:07.07

Michigan didn't have a swimmer in the A final of the 400 IM, and IU took advantage. Calypso Sheridan of Northwestern led for just about the first 300 yards of the race. 

Though the back half is where Andison thrives. Andison began tracking Sheridan down during the breaststroke portion, and blew past her during the freestyle. 

Mackenzie Looze also had a great swim in lane seven, slowly climbing up through the pack during the final 200 yards, very similar to Andison. Loosze came less than the a tenth of a second away from third place. 

Josephine Grote of IU finished sixth.

Because of how many swimmers IU had the A and B final, IU got back the points it lost in the 100 fly, and then some. IU now has 669 points, over 100 more than Ohio State, which jumped Michigan for second. 

Christin Rockway of IU won the B final of the event, adding 20 more points to the Hoosiers total. Having five total swimmers in the top 11, IU was able to rack up a big point total. 

Michigan is set to gain points back in the 200 freestyle, its best event, but IU now has the cushion to handle a strong Michigan event. 

200 Yard Freestyle


1) Siobhan Haughey, Michigan, 1:41.57 

2) Catherine DeLoof, Michigan, 1:42.55

3) Chantal Mack, Minnesota, 1:43.70

The 200 yard freestyle is Michigan's best event, and the Wolverines proved why, taking the top two spots in the event. Siobhan Haughey never really had any competition for the top spot, as she posted the fastest time in the nation. 

Morgan Scott of IU got into the A final, and faded as the race went on, taking seventh place. 

Maria Paula Heitmann won the B final, stealing some points back for IU. Going into the team's best event, the 100 breaststroke, IU leads Michigan 725-641.5 in the overall standings. 

100 Yard Breaststroke


1) Lilly King, Indiana 55.88 (American Record) 

2) Miranda Tucker, Michigan, 58.25

3) Lindsey Kozelsky, Minnesota, 58.96


IU's Lilly King did not taper for the Big Ten Championships in hopes of putting up her best time at the National Championships in Austin, Texas. 

All she did was swim the fastest time ever, a 55.88 second mark. 

That time beats King's own record by nearly half of a second. King becomes the first woman to ever break 56 seconds in the 100 yard breaststroke. This has been King's goal all season long, though this certainly wasn't the night where anyone planned for that time to come. 

Because of IU's depth in the event, the Hoosiers put up a huge point total, and extended their lead in the overall standings. IU could have done slightly better in its best overall event, but with a lead of 823.5-695.5 over Michigan, the Hoosiers were able to extend their cushion as expected.

100 Yard Backstroke


1) Beata Nelson, Wisconsin, 49.83

2) Maggie MacNeil, Michigan, 50.50

3) Vera Koprivova, Rutgers, 51.83

IU's Morgan Scott finished sixth in the A final of the 100 backstroke. The 100 backstroke is another event where IU doesn't have much depth, nor really a contender to win the A final. 

As a result, IU saw its lead shrink, but the cushion for the Hoosier in first place still sits in the triple digits. IU leads Michigan, 852.5-745.5.

3-meter Diving

One mistake crushed Jessica Parratto in the 3 meter dive. Parratto scored a 33.00 in round four, and wasn't able to come back. Sarah Bacon of Minnesota was brilliant, easily taking home the Big Ten title with a score of 430.60. Parratto was third with a score of 358.25. 

Michigan didn't have a diver in the A final, and even by just finishing third, Parratto was able to increase IU's lead to 884-763.5 heading into the final event of the night. 

200 Yard Freestyle Relay


1) Michigan, 1:26.84

2) Ohio State, 1:28.12

3) Indiana, 1:28.48

4) Wisconsin, 1:29.82

As expected, Michigan won the 200 freestyle relay easily, taking the full 64 points. 

This was a big points hit the Hoosiers knew they were going to take, though IU outperformed its qualifying seed. The Hoosiers had the fourth fastest time in qualifying, but finished in third tonight. The Hoosiers maintained a triple digit lead over Michigan after the night's final event. 


Coach Ray Looze talked about putting pressure on the Wolverines in order for the Hoosiers to upset the Wolverines. Tonight is going to be one of the most important nights in that push, as the slated events greatly favor Michigan. The freestyle stroke is Michigan's best, and both the 500 and 50 yard freestyle are scheduled for tonight. To put pressure on Michigan, IU will have to steal points wherever it can. Updates to come below: 


1) Indiana, 497

2) Michigan, 436.5

3) Ohio State, 424

This was a night where IU wasn't going to be the favorite in a single event. The night featured two freestyle events where IU struggled all year long. Though IU was able to win two events, including the all important relay worth double the points. Looze talked about putting on pressure, with its Thursday night performance, IU did just that. 

500 Yard Freestyle


1) Chantal Nack, Minnesota, 4:36.55

2) Mackenzie Padington, Minnesota, 4:37.27

3) Yirong Bi, Michigan, 4:37.63

The Hoosiers needed to steal some points in the overall standings. They didn't. Jernberg was last in the A-Final. Though IU may have saved itself with four of the top five spots in the B-Final, but three Michigan swimmers finished above Jernberg, and Minnesota takes 66 points alone with swimmers finishing first and second respectively. 

200 Yard Individual Medley


1) Beata Nelson, Wisconsin, 1:52.27 (Big Ten Championships record)

2) Siobhan Haughey, Michigan, 1:52.36

3) Bailey Andison, Indiana, 1:53.27 (IU record)

4) Lilly King, Indiana, 1:54.93 

The 200 IM proves critical, this time in a positive way for the Hoosiers. By taking two of the top four spots, and three of the top six, IU was able to put up a big point total. IU also won the B and C final, adding more total points. 

With that event, IU opened up a cushion, for now, in first place overall, leading Michigan 341-251. Though with no IU swimmers in the 50 yard freestyle A final, that lead will likely shrink. Now IU has done exactly what Ray Looze wanted, put pressure on Michigan. 

50 Yard Freestyle


1) Maggie MacNeil, Michigan, 21.65

2) Catherine DeLoof, Michigan, 21.88

3) Freyna Rayner, Ohio State, 22.16

4) Daria Pyshnenko, Michigan, 22.23

IU's cushion in first place takes a big hit. IU didn't have a swimmer in the A final of the event, and Michigan took three of the top four spots. The 50 freestyle has always been one of IU's weaker events, and one where IU knew it was going to lose points. 

After the 50 free, IU leads Michigan 388 to 355, and Ohio State sits close behind in third with 353 points. Though overall, IU has done a good job putting on pressure as Looze desired. Minnesota helped IU by taking the top two spots in the 500 freestyle, one of Michigan's better events. 

1-Meter Diving


1) Jessica Parratto, Indiana, 366.05

2) Sarah Bacon, Minnesota, 363.95

3) Olivia Rosendahl, Northwestern, 356.15

Parratto remains unbeaten in all diving events she has competed in since coming back from a neck injury. With a score of 366.05, Parratto holds off the field to win the Big Ten title. In doing so, Parratto upset the 2018 1-meter dive national champion in Sarah Bacon from Minnesota. 

Parratto led from wire-to-wire in the event. 

This is Parratto's fourth Big Ten title, and first in the 1-meter dive (Parratto is a three time champion in the platform dive). Her score is a career best. 

Thanks to Parratto, Indiana's lead in the overall standings increases to a 433-384 edge over Ohio State, which overtook Michigan on diving. 

400 Yard Medley Relay


1) Indiana, 3:26.60

2) Michigan, 3:28.47

3) Wisconsin, 3:31.17

Indiana wins the 400 medley relay for the third straight year, posting the nation's fastest time in the process. Michigan had the fastest time in the nation coming in. 

Lilly King pushed IU out to a massive lead with a 55.66 second split, and Michigan never was able to make up the ground. Haughey made a push in the freestyle leg, but Shelby Koontz held on. 

IU's time is also a Big Ten Championships record, beating the Hoosiers' own record from last year. 



1) Michigan, 120.0

2) IU, 114.0

T3) Wisconsin, 106.0

T3) Minnesota, 106.0

T3) Ohio State, 106.0

200 Yard Medley Relay


1) IU, 1:34.71

2) Michigan, 1:34.98

3) Ohio State, 1:35.85

4) Wisconsin, 1:35.87

5) Minnesota, 1:36.22

UPDATE: After the below tweet and text was posted, North Carolina State University posted a faster time in the 200 yard medley relay than IU at the ACC Championships. IU's time is now the nation's third fastest. 

IU's time is the second fastest in the nation this season. The University of Tennessee posted a faster time just 24 hours before the Hoosiers. IU also qualified for the NCAA Championships in Austin, Texas with the swim, posting an NCAA A-Cut time. 

Lilly King swam a 25.36 second time for her 50 yard split, which would be faster than any time posted in the 50 yard breaststroke event all year by a second. According to SwimSwam, that was King's fastest ever split in the event. King does have the nation's fastest time in the 50 yard breaststroke according to College Swimming. 

IU is in first place for the meet after the win in the event. IU has 64 points, Michigan is in second with 56.

IU relay group: 

Morgan Scott (Backstroke)

Lilly King (Breaststroke)

Christie Jensen (Butterfly)

Shelby Koontz (Freestyle)

800 Yard Freestyle Relay


1) Michigan, 6:54.58

2) Minnesota, 7:00.10

3) Wisconsin, 7:00.39

4) Ohio State, 7:02.93

5) Indiana, 7:07.41

IU relay group: 

Maria Paula Heitmann

Noelle Peplowski

Bailey Andison

Morgan Scott

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