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Friday, April 19
The Indiana Daily Student


Shop across from the Sample Gates SLCT Stock offers IU wear, vintage clothing


Bloomington is filled with clothing stores that give students an outlet to express themselves through dress. Looking for vintage clothing and sneakers can be troublesome as not many of these stores can be found near campus.

SLCT Stock is one of these stores that brings vintage style back to IU. Located on Indiana Avenue across from the Sample Gates, SLCT stands for Sneakers, Lifestyle, Clothing and Treasures. 

“It brings a scene that hasn't been in Bloomington to the forefront for students at at fair price,” store owner Nicholas Ayala said. “Some students have not seen these clothes before. We want kids to be able to see and touch clothes that they might have only seen online."

Ayala graduated from IU's Kelley School of Business in 2016. Being an IU alumnus, Ayala said he understands what it's like for students looking to add to their wardrobe. 

Ayala said when he was a student at IU it was hard for him to find the vintage clothing and sneakers he enjoyed. He resorted to shopping almost entirely online or traveling to Chicago or Indianapolis in order to find what he was looking for. 

SLCT Stock has set out to help resolve this issue and give students a local outlet to find whatever it is they are looking for, Ayala said. 

The store opened last March, and Ayala said it has changed its layout quite a bit since. It  is relatively small, creating a personal, relaxed environment. 

When customers enter the store, Ayala greets them right away. He said he wants to know what customers are into or what they want him to keep an eye out for. SLCT Stock is filled with vintage clothing, including IU wear, as well as an entire wall dedicated to sneakers. 

Aside from the brick and mortar store, SLCT Stock has an online shop and an Instagram account where items can be purchased and shipped anywhere. The online store gives students the opportunity to purchase desired items without having to physically be in Bloomington.  

Customers can also sell their clothes to SLCT Stock. Ayala said he puts what he would wear in his store to keep the shop organic. 

“I don’t wear clothes to be cool," Ayala said. "I wear them because I like them. That’s a big part of the store.” 

As a former student, Ayala said he understands students might want to go out on the weekend or need quick cash if something comes up. SLCT Stock provides students with the opportunity to take the clothes or kicks sitting in their closet and turn them into cash. 

Ayala said he plans on opening more stores in the future. The stores will have similar models, but some elements will have to change since SLCT Stock Indiana is heavily influenced by IU wear. 

However, the mission of the store and its authenticity will stay true at every location, Ayala said. 

“We do what we do because we like it,” Ayala said.

Although the future includes opening new locations, Ayala said SLCT Stock plans to be a part of IU and  Bloomington forever. 

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