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Tuesday, Feb. 20
The Indiana Daily Student

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IU Student Government helps distribute new wellness resource list


Club meeting announcements are chalked on sidewalks, posters branding IU as home are plastered to the front of doors campus-wide and now IU Student Government is working to place new resource sheets in residence halls. 

The sheets will be put on the back of dorm room doors in the coming semester, if they haven’t been placed already. These new posters are called “Health, Wellness and You: Tips and Resources for Healthy Hoosiers.” 

The sheets compile mental health, health and wellness and other assorted resources. 

IUSG worked with multiple organizations on this project, including the IU Health Center, Residential Programs and Services and the Division of Student Affairs.

Mishkin said many students are not aware of health care options offered by IU including massage therapy and nutrition counseling, but services like these can work as preventative measures aimed to help save students from needing emergency treatment. 

“We are here to make sure that the needs of IU students are being met and are being welcomed with open arms,” said Becca Townsend, IUSG chief of health and wellbeing.

IUSG started work on this project last spring, and the resource posters have been placed in four residence halls so far: Collins LLC, Teter Quad, Wells Quad and Hillcrest apartments. 

Each of the remaining residence halls will be given their resource sheets over spring break at the latest, according to IUSG Chief of Staff Isabel Mishkin. The rest of the posters will be hung after university mold issues subside.

“We know and recognize that student safety and making sure that students are living in safe conditions needs to take priority,” Mishkin said. “We appreciate all the hard work that the RPS staff has done, knowing that they are juggling putting up posters and clearing out rooms from mold.

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