Everything you need to know about noise complaints

As students head back to campus, residence halls will once again be filled with students of all different backgrounds and lifestyles. 

Getting readjusted to the college lifestyle after a break includes having to deal with noise that surrounding people and events bring. 

“There are times that people don't realize how thin walls actually are in apartment buildings, et cetera., and don't realize that their music, for example, is disturbing to their neighbors,” Bloomington Police Department Lt. Ryan Pedigosaid.

If you find yourself in a situation where the noise is too much to handle, there are multiple options that will resolve the conflict in an smooth and orderly fashion. 

First, one can contact their Residential-Assistant. Your floor’s RA will be able to initially solve any problems between rooms on a certain floor by talking to both parties, going over agreed upon quiet hours for weekdays and weekends or asking the head RA to address the dispute.

“If a person thinks that they can speak with their neighbors in a calm manner that won't result in an aggressive confrontation, it is sometimes better that they speak with their neighbors themselves first, prior to calling the police to maintain a more cordial relationship,” Pedigo said.

If the noise becomes too extreme or it begins to affect you personally, there are other options you can take to address it at a higher level. 

Anybody is able to contact Bloomington police over the phone to report a noise complaint. That option remains open 24 hours a day, and there will be someone available to address your issue. 

According to the city of Bloomington, noise complaints are to be registered when the noise "disrupts, injures or endangers" the affected person.

As such, a program called the Quiet Nights has been installed to provide funding to the Bloomington police to enforce the noise ordinance.

If your room or place of living is reported for a noise violation, you will be initially subjected to a warning. After that, fines will be issued and arrests will be made as the level of severity goes up, eventually resulting in charges of disorderly conduct if you commit a violation too many times. 

College is considered a time for students to enjoy life and have new experiences. However, in the case of disturbances, noise complaint procedures and programs are set in place to assure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time at IU. 

“Before a student moves into a certain apartment building or into a neighborhood, I would suggest that they do a little research and perhaps speak with current residents to ask about nuisances such as the frequency of noise complaints, frequent police response, et cetera,” Pedigo said.

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