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Tuesday, Feb. 20
The Indiana Daily Student

Buy your own kitchen essentials to survive the semester


Switching from your mom’s classic chicken parmesan, served with approximately thirteen sides, to sitting on your kitchen floor staring blankly into the abyss as you contemplate if you can make ramen for the fourth time this week, can be an adjustment. 

To avoid this sad fate, you have to begin with kitchen essentials.

Start with a step up from ramen. Buy yourself a strainer, a pot, plates and utensils so you can make pasta. Boil the water, throw in a dash of salt, add the pasta, stir until cooked and drain the water. You’ve just made dinner with only a few kitchen items. 

If you’re time-crunched in the mornings, you’ll just need a frying pan and a spatula to make scrambled eggs. Frying pans are shallow pans that you can use for making eggs, frying bacon, whipping up crepes and more. A non-stick one will be easier to clean. 

To make a pizza and serve it for breakfast or dinner, you’ll need a pizza pan you can throw in the oven. Make sure you know what dimensions fit in your oven before you head to the store.

You’ll be able to make cookies on your pan, too. Grab some mixing bowls and measuring cups and you should be set to satisfy your sweet tooth. If they’re dishwasher-safe, you save yourself time and effort. 

To sustain yourself with coffee, which in college is possibly even more of a staple than food itself, you’ll just need a coffee pot and a mug or travel cup. Making coffee at home will also save you a few precious dollars by not running to Starbucks twice a day. 

Don’t forget spoons, forks and knives.

You might not be living in the luxury of your mother’s cooking, but at least now you can save the ramen for another day. 

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