4 tips for finding a sublease or a subleaser

Subleasing, or when someone rents out their room to another person while they’re not using it, is a useful housing option for people whose plans change halfway through the year. 

I lived in Willkie last semester, and I hated it. Plenty of people love living there, but it just wasn’t for me. It was too expensive and too far away from my friends. Also, I was just done living under on-campus housing restrictions. By September, I was looking into subleasing options. 

Now, I’m subleasing a house that I absolutely love and is cheaper month-to-month than last semester's digs. Here are some tips for anyone looking for a sublease or a subletter. 

Ask around your friend circles

Before consulting an online list of subleasing options, consult your friends. Usually, someone knows someone else who is going to be studying abroad and is looking for a subletter. The opposite works, too: people returning from studying abroad could be on the lookout for a place to live. Living with someone you know can sometimes make for a better housing situation than living with people who are strangers. For example, I’m currently subleasing from a friend who graduated early, and it was completely via word of mouth I ended up here. 

Know what you want from a sublease or subletter

There are a lot of things to consider before subleasing. Distance from campus, proximity to bus stops, house vs. apartment and more factor into the decision about where to live. It’s important to communicate about the little things, to. Is there a dishwasher, or do dishes need to be washed by hand? Are all the appliances functional? For those looking to sublease their houses or apartments, telling your subletter all of this up front is vital to maintaining a good relationship.

Look online at IU Classifieds

IU Classifieds, an online listing of ads IU students can contribute to, has plenty of subleasing options for people hunting for the perfect place to move. Alternatively, those seeking a subletter can create their own ads here and wait for responses to come in. Since it’s run through the university, it’s a little less shady than trying to find someone off of Craigslist. Subleases listed on IU Classifieds include houses and apartments, and the site also has listings for furniture to spruce up said sublease after moving in.

Make sure it’s with someone you can trust

A sublease is a legal agreement not to be taken lightly. Even if the subletter promises they’re going to treat the house or apartment with the utmost respect or if the current resident swears the fridge just does that weird thing sometimes but it’s fine, it might end up being a terrible experience. Making sure both parties involved in the sublease are trustworthy and respectful up front means that everything will go far more smoothly down the line.

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