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Editorial board hot takes

Each week, our writers have thoughts and opinions that never make it to columnhood. Read on for our hot takes. 

 Ethan Smith: Theresa May invented modern dance. 

Jack Palmer: Audiobooks are the best way to read.

Alvaro Michael: I can't wait to start reading "Infinite Jest."

Matthew Waterman: Distilled water is the new Four Loko.

Elsbeth Sanders: Mayonnaise is the superior French fry condiment.

Anne Anderson: If you’re not black, stop retweeting tweets with the n-word in them. Just because you didn’t type it out doesn’t mean you can use it. Those tweets are not for white people to interact with.

Julian Epp: One hundred companies are responsible for over 70 percent of carbon emissions, so just recycling won't stop climate change.

Madelyn Powers: David Rubenstein looks like a mix between Steve Martin, Stanley Tucci and Michael Lerner.

Carson Henley: Taking your backpack in the stall with you is gross.

Emma Getz: Any list of top albums of 2018 that doesn't include Janelle Monáe's "Dirty Computer" is useless.

Emily Shaffer: Fabricated diversity through racial and gender quotas is just as bad as a lack of diversity.

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