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Friday, May 24
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IU construction and renovation project updates

Outside Ernie Pyle Hall

It seems around every corner, there is the red fencing and heavy machinery marking a construction project in the works. Here's a roundup of construction projects happening or scheduled to start on campus.

Academic Health Science Building

The Academic Health Science Building, connected to the IU Health Regional Academic Health Center, will include labs, offices and spaces for nursing and medical sciences. 

It is on schedule to be done September 2020, said Jim Stewart, assistant vice president of Capital Planning and Facilities.

Eskenazi Museum of Art

The Eskenazi Museum renovations included making the building more energy efficient, redoing the plumbing and fixing other electrical issues.

Stewart said they changed some of the entrances to galleries but “kept the basic spirit of the building.” 

Renovations on the museum are scheduled to be done December 2018. However, the building will not open to the public for another six to nine months after. Stewart said art is not moved in right after completion to allow time for construction materials and dust to settle. Time is also allowed for exhibits to be set up.

Fine arts studio

A fine arts studio is being added to the existing IU Press Warehouse Painting Studios building on 13th Street. This addition will take the place of the Arts Annex on 11th Street that will be lost when a new parking garage and office building are built there. It's unclear when the project is expected to be complete.

Golf course renovation 

A new golf course is being built for two main reasons, Stewart said. The old course, built in the 1950s, was not challenging by today’s standards, and the Regional Academic Health Center will interfere with one of the holes. 

The golf course itself is scheduled to be completed May 2019, but it won’t be playable for another six to nine months because of the time it takes for the course grass to grow. Additionally, Capital Planning and Facilities is working on bids for the clubhouse, which will hopefully be finished around the same time the grass is done, Stewart said. People will be able to play starting fall 2019. 

International center

A new international center will be built on the corner of North Jordan Avenue and East Seventh Street to house offices and other facilities for international student organizations.  It is slated to be completed in the summer of 2020. The design for the project was approved at the August Board of Trustees meeting.

Memorial Stadium Excellence Academy and related stadium renovations

The Memorial Stadium Excellence Academy will serve as a multi-purpose area to house physical therapy and other services for student athletes during the week. On the weekend, it will be a space for people to have private events. 

The addition was just completed and final clean up is being done. The grand opening will happen Friday.

Metz Carillon Bell Tower renovation and relocation

The Metz Carillon Bell Tower used to stand on 17th Street by Jordan Avenue, allegedly the highest point on campus. Stewart said the tower was very weathered, and the bells needed some repairs. 

Stewart said the new tower is scheduled to be built in the Arboretum next to the pond by December 2018. The original bells will be reinstalled later, and a few new bells will be added. 

The thought behind the relocation was that it would be in a central location where more students could view it.

North housing addition 

Additional housing will be built near McNutt Quad. Capital Planning has yet to break ground on this project, but it’s projected to be done in the summer of 2020, Stewart said. 

The design for the project will go up for board approval in October. It will be a whole new building, yet to be named. It will add around 700 beds for students. 

The addition will also include a dining hall connected to the McNutt central building. 

This project is expected to cost $99 million. Stewart said this price is not as high as it seems because that number includes everything such furniture for residence halls and lounges and the kitchen supplies.

Old Crescent renovation phase two

Kirkwood, Ernie Pyle and Swain Hall were renovated during this phase. 

Stewart said Kirkwood Hall renovations finished a year and a half ago. Ernie Pyle Hall was completed in May, but some clean up is still being done. Swain Hall is also technically done, but some doors cannot be accessed due to site work not being completed. Soil is being replaced and landscaping still needs done, according to Stewart. He said it is scheduled to be finished in late September or early October.

Old Crescent renovation phase three

Phase three will include fixing electrical systems to make Ballantine Hall more efficient and include a revamp of classroom interiors. 

The Geological Sciences building is still in the design process and will start the bidding process in early 2019.

The design and bid process for Ballantine Hall is completed, and the project is scheduled to start in September and finish in the summer of 2020. 

“This will affect faculty and students,” Stewart said. 

Only one-half of Ballantine will be in use at a time, meaning the loss of half the classrooms and offices. The faculty whose offices will be inaccessible have already been moved to open offices in other buildings on campus. 

The Geological Sciences building is still in the design process and will likely go up for a bid on the project in January, Stewart said. 

Parking Garage and office building 

A new parking garage and office building will be built across from the parking lot on 11th Street. 

This project will go up for bid in the beginning of 2019 and is slated to be completed spring 2020. 

Teter Quadrangle renovations 

The project will update mechanical systems in Teter Quad, including electricity and plumbing. 

Stewart said the renovation will take place on one-half of the building at a time so students can still live there. Because of the construction schedule, students will not have to move at winter break like residents of Forest Quad did last year.

This project has just started and is planned to be done August 2020.

Wilkinson Hall 

Wilkinson Hall, which will house the volleyball and wrestling teams, was supposed to be completed in September, but a shortage of manpower affected the schedule, Stewart said. He said IU hopes to have the project completed in November. 

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