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Saturday, Dec. 9
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"Paradise Wavering" presented at Pictura Gallery

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“Paradise Wavering,” by artist Alice Q. Hargrave, is open at the FAR Center for Contemporary Arts, located at 505 W. 4th St. until Sept. 29. 

Hargrave’s work, which opened in the center's Pictura Gallery,  explores flora and fauna and the beauty of the natural world in motion. According to the gallery’s website, Hargrave is an environmentally motivated artist who advocates for the protection of the subjects that she loves, according to Pictura Gallery's website. 

Hargrave uses photography to capture plants and animals using various types of colorscapes to display each shot. According to the website, it makes the viewer feel like they "can walk right into the strange green tangle of wood and leaves."

“Paradise Wavering” will be in Pictura Gallery and the exhibit is open from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Lauren Fazekas

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