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Tuesday, June 18
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Police arrest men involved in Days Inn robbery


A man was robbed July 16 at the Days Inn located at E. State Road, 200 Indiana 45/46 Bypasss, according to Bloomington Police. Over the course of the past week, police located the three men who beat the man up and stole his clothes.

The 32-year-old victim checked into the Days Inn on Monday with a 23-year-old woman.

The man told police he attempted to find narcotics throughout the day, and there were multiple people who came in and out of the room. One of those people was Jeremy New, 23, who offered to give the victim drugs in exchange for his shirt and backpack, according to what the victim told police. 

Dakota Elsmore and Miles Sealy, both 21 years old, were also with New.

New claimed he was there to give the 32-year-old a tattoo and, while he was setting up his equipment, the 32-year-old man went into the bathroom with the woman. According to police, New claimed the woman left the bathroom for a minute and told police the man she was with had touched her inappropriately. 

Sealy broke down the door and dragged the 32-year-old out of the bathroom and, according to the probable cause affidavits for Sealy and New, began to beat the man up, take his things and throw him out of the hotel room.

New and the other men stole the victim's shirt, Nike Jordan shoes and watch. Later when police were talking to the woman involved in the case, she said Elsmore had also pointed a silver .25 caliber gun at the victim and threatened to kill him. 

Sealy and New both confirmed that with police.

Bloomington Police Captain Steve Kellams said the victim had bruises on his arms and back, among other injuries. 

The victim then left to avoid being beaten further. He told police he went to a nearby gas station to clean up, where he ran into more friends and went to another motel where he spent the evening.

The victim came back the next day to the Days Inn and told BPD he wanted to check on the female he left the night before. When he got there he saw the room had been damaged, the TV stolen and everyone was gone. Before calling police he paid off the damages to the room, which amounted to $350.

Once he called the police, he explained how he had done drugs and how he had been robbed. He also identified his attackers by name and picked them out of a lineup. Police then located and arrested New on charges of robbery and theft. 

Police located Sealy on July 18 and Elsmore on July 20 as part of a different call.

When police responded to a call about possible drug activity they arrived at the 200 block of South Kimble Drive to find several people, including Elsmore, in a tan, 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 series truck.

When police investigated, they found a syringe, a crystal-like substance and a silver handgun that matched the description of the one used in the Days Inn robbery. Elsmore was arrested on charges of robbery, while those with him — Wilbur Butler, Amy Hackney, 39, and Zoe O'Sullivan, 26,  —  were arrested on other charges.

Elsmore, New and Sealy were all booked into the Monroe County Correctional Center.

Cameron Drummond contributed reporting.

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