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Thursday, June 20
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IU professor awarded $1 million for enzyme research


The Human Frontier Science Program awarded $1 million for an IU professor and collaborators to complete international research on how enzymes work in cells, according to an IU press release.

Trevor Douglas, a professor in IU's Chemistry Department, and two other professors from Spain and Australia will work together to use their backgrounds in chemistry, physics and biology to study isoprenoids. 

Isoprenoids affect the growth and pigment of plants. In animals, isoprenoids are various oil and waxy substances such as fish liver oils and butterfat, according to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Douglas was optimistic about moving forward in the research in the IU press release.

"We're looking forward to pushing forward on some questions that we haven't been able to answer using other methods," said Douglas. "I think this collaborative approach is going to give us a whole different set of insights."

Matt Rasnic

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