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Tuesday, June 25
The Indiana Daily Student

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Police pull over wrong car, make arrest anyway


A light-colored sedan hit a police car just after midnight Wednesday, causing severe damage, Bloomington Police Department Capt. Steve Kellams said.

The patrol car was at an intersection turning onto West Hillside Drive when the sedan ran a red light and struck it, witnesses told police.

No officers were injured, but the sedan drove away immediately and has not been located.

Officers pulled over a light-colored sedan with damage to its front bumper in front of the East Third Street CVS, but it was not the car from the accident.

Kellams said the damage on the car was not severe enough to be the car that hit the police cruiser.

However, the driver of the sedan pulled over in front of CVS had marijuana and a handgun, which they did not have a permit to carry in the car.

Marshal Harper, 21, was arrested and charged for both offenses.

Police are still looking for the sedan that struck the patrol car.

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