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Reel Talk: 'A Quiet Place' silently deconstructs the modern horror movie

“A Quiet Place,” starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, is a modern horror/thriller movie. Just the fact that this acting power couple is starring in this movie makes it a must-see for me and everyone else who has obsessed over their real-life marriage. 

“A Quiet Place” is about a post-apocalyptic world where monsters who hunt sound are on the prowl for anything that makes noise. This movie follows two parents, played by Blunt and Krasinsksi, who are trying to raise and protect their children from these monsters.

The hype over "A Quiet Place" is definitely well-deserved, as this movie is a genre-breaking spectacle that invites comparison to Jordan Peele's blockbuster "Get Out," another movie labeled as horror. "A Quiet Place" focuses on the characters and how they are handling this as a family. 

The sound production in this movie is incredible, which is ironic, given the name of the movie and its concept. But when more than half of the movie has no sound at all, the sound that does appear has to matter, especially when it comes to characterization of the family members. 

One of the characters is deaf, and you only know this because whenever the camera is focused on her, sound completely drops out. 

One thing I thought was really cool about this movie is that the deaf character isn't a prop to give the story a deeper plot line or conflict. Rather, she's a huge benefit to the world the family inhabits.

My only real problem with this film was that I thought one of the jump scares was kind of cheap. After Emily Blunt’s character gives birth, she smacks her bloody hand against the shower and scares her husband. It felt unrealistic because I am sure she saw him walk in and would’ve said something immediately. I guess they wanted one final scare to round out this scene.

The movie so ensnares you in this world that even the slightest crinkle of popcorn in the theater will make you jump. The audience experience is definitely worth it to see "A Quiet Place" in theaters. The whole thing is an adrenaline rush because you don’t know when the silence will break and who will break it. 

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