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COLUMN: Everyone has a groutfit in their closet

When we have a bad day, our minds usually drift to the pick-me-up waiting for us at home.

Sometimes the familiar taste of your favorite ice cream, a bowl of pasta or any other guilty pleasure is all you need to bounce back from a day that knocked you down. 

Sometimes what gets you through a day when you find a bright yellow Indiana University parking ticket on your windshield or a pop quiz that naturally happened the one day you skip class is that fuzzy blanket that’s practically torn to shreds but brings you comfort and reassurance nonetheless.

While I can always count on a pint of Ben & Jerry’s half baked to take off the edge, what I like to think about when a day has me particularly defeated is the clothes waiting for me at home.

I know this sounds extremely bizarre, but for once I’m not talking about the piece of clothing that makes you feel like a superstar because it fits you like a glove or makes your eyes pop. No, I’m talking about the clothes you’d never step outside your front door in. 

I take comfort in the groutfits in my closet, the fuzzy miniature-dachshund printed socks tucked into my drawers and the bougie moccasin slippers that sit at the foot of my bed. Had my lovely arts editors ever seen me in this dynamic look, I probably wouldn’t be writing this column right now. 

However, I confess this rather questionable look because I think we all have this outfit in our closets. There is nothing like those raggedy T-shirts, oversized sweatshirts, high school sweatpants and embarrassingly patterned socks that you can throw on and feel unbelievably cozy, comfortable and reassured that while the day was rough, you’ve made it home safe and sound. 

It doesn’t matter how old the T-shirt is or if there are holes galore in your favorite sweats, we’ve all had that rainy day where we found our minds daydreaming to 5 p.m. when classes are over, and we slip out of our jeans and sneakers and into the clothes that make us feel as if we’re wearing a blanket. 

While clothes can be around to help us brighten our appearance, they're also there when we don’t want to jazz up our look at all. Just like the comfort of a glass of wine or closing your eyes and letting Spotify take away your day of worries, what you’re wearing when you unwind plays a significant role in the relief you finally receive at the day's end. 

So the next time you get questionable stares in your dorm hall or the living room of your apartment for sporting your ancient hot pink Crocs, a Jonas Brother concert T-shirt or your comfy sweats with "cutie" written across the butt, don’t let it get to you. 

Perhaps some would say these items’ prime time in your closet has come and gone, but keep these hidden treasure as long as they still bring you comfort. Not all the clothes in your closet have to be pretty, but they all need to bring you happiness. 

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