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Monday, March 4
The Indiana Daily Student

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Battleshots is a better board game


What’s better than board games? Board games with alcohol. Get some friends together and add a twist to your game night.


When a player lands on a space or receives a Life tile that describes something they haven’t done in real life, the player drinks. Try not to drink more as existential crises surface.


The player drinks when they either gain or lose control of a continent. Whiskey preferred. 


Just get Sorry'ed by another player? Cancel their movement and avoid being Sorry'ed by drinking a shot or a beer. However, each time a player does this, they have to add an additional shot or beer to cancel the player's movement and avoid being Sorry'ed.


The player drinks when they play a word that is the same part of speech as the last word played. For example, if a player plays a noun after another player played a noun, that player drinks. Also, the player drinks if they simply add an “s” onto an existing word, because they don’t deserve those points.


Short on cash? Take a sip of your mixed drink or beer for $5. In a fix? Finish your drink to earn $20. In a really rough spot? Take a shot or shotgun a beer for $100. Finally, get paid for something you’re good at.


If you’re feeling creative, take two pizza boxes and draw Battleship boards on them. Then, grab plastic shot glasses and set them up for a game of Battleship. Take shot of beer or wine every time the other player lands a hit.

Cards Against Humanity

Along with the best response chosen each round, the player also picks the worst response. The player who played the worst response has to take a shot.

Snakes and Ladders

Each time you slide down a snake, you trigger a waterfall. Everyone in the game starts drinking at the same time, and no one can stop until the person to their right stops, starting with the player who triggered the waterfall.

Chess and checkers

For every piece you lose, take a shot of beer or wine. If you want to go the extra mile, assign different alcohol types to different pieces.

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